July 2018 - Vital Transformation

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The Power of Speech and Actions

There was a disagreement between Moses and Korach this week.

What was the argument about? The Zohar explains that Korach was chasing something that didn’t belong to him. When a person chases something that doesn’t belong to him even what belongs to him disappears.

What can we learn from this? Korach was challenging Moses with some questions. If a person is a holy and knowledgeable person does he still need faith and certainty in the Creator? And if a person has total faith in the Creator does he still need knowledge? For both questions, Moses answered absolutely yes.

Why? Because our spiritual knowledge, our Torah, the way we understand things has two paths. One is the certainty and belief system and the other is knowledge. We need both ways. If a person just believes, one day he may stop believing and everything will fall apart. If a person just has knowledge then as the Tikkunei Zohar says he will become dried out, he doesn’t have the warmth of faith.

What can we learn from this? Many times we get jealous. Where does the jealousy come from? We see that someone has a better life and we think the Creator forgot about us. We think they have a better life than us, a better house than us and it must be a mistake and we need to correct it. The Creator is everywhere! So when we get jealous the other person is not the problem! The punishment of jealousy is the jealousy itself! If I find myself getting jealous of another person it’s not that jealousy is wrong morally, it’s that moment I am losing faith and certainty in the Creator. A person has to make himself strong and say to himself that there is a reason for everything, that the pain that a person goes through is part of a bigger picture.

Korach in the end when the earth opened and started swallowing him up said something beautiful; he said Moses is real and the Torah that Moses is teaching is real. He was capable at the end of his life to see that all his suspicions were wrong. He realized that it wasn’t Moses’ idea to wake up one morning and decide to become a leader or to make his brother a Cohen. It was all an exact plan from the Creator.

What we want from this week is to get to a place where we get along with each other. Moses and Korach were the reincarnations of Cain and Abel and for many generations, they have come back to correct the same situation.

Love to you all,

Purification and Certainty

Chukat comes from ‘chok‘, which means the law. The beginning of the portion is about the Red Heifer, which is purification from death.

What are we getting pure from? Death. Every human being has the energy of the Angel of Death around them, that’s why we die until we can purify the body. The soul doesn’t need purification, it’s already pure. The body is not pure, it has an aspect of the left column, desire to receive for the self alone, that’s why it’s not pure. Until the body is pure a person cannot achieve the original prophecy of Ezekiel – immortality.

On Mt. Sinai we lost 5 letters in the Hebrew alphabet that had to do with immortality. If you take ‘par’ (pay, resh) you get 280, and the hey, which is 5, is a code for the 5 final letters. When they call it red heifer, it’s a code for how you build a structure of purification. We need to understand there is a chance to get purified this week. The Zohar says, when a person goes to purify himself, the Angels help him. When a person comes to do something negative, the angels will help with that, too. Why is there a support system to do negative things? The free will is up to us. What we do with our life is up to us. There is no guessing what’s good or bad, we have choices in life to do whatever we would like to do.

Certainty means, your desire and the Crea-tor’s desire becomes one. If it doesn’t work, you know it’s the best thing that ever hap-pened to you. You can’t use certainty to ma-nipulate God. Certainty works only when it’s good for you? That’s not purification. Whatev-er situation you’re in – that’s what’s best for you. Cannot be just how you want it. What kind of relationship do we have with God? Religion is based on promising you, if you will behave, be a good boy or girl, you might get candy – if you don’t get it now, it will wait for you in the Garden of Eden. What a marketing plan!

Every person has a test. You need to know that God knows everything that’s going to happen. It’s the free will to know you chose to do the best you can with your knowledge. Go for it, don’t be worried. Inject certainty, say its funny, laugh, smile, and deal with it. Things will happen more than you can believe.

Love to you all,