About Us

Born in 2016 from decades of devotion to Kabbalah and two lifetimes of spirituality, we opened Vital Transformation to create a platform for people to receive and teach spirituality. Eliyahu Jian, master of Kabbalah mysticism and spirituality, wanted to share his knowledge with people enrich their lives, period. This is the core of our passion.

We help people so that they can, in turn, teach others different kinds of spirituality and guide the world to a better place. Our goals are to create a safe environment for everyone to have discussions about spirituality, to democratize material about spiritual growth and knowledge that was forbidden for 2000 years, and make it available and accessible in a way that it never has been before, specifically learnings of the secret knowledge of the Tikkunei Zohar to the basic knowledge of Kabbalah Gym.

And first and foremost, we exist to make a Vital Transformation in the hearts, bodies, and minds of each person, including you, and to bring happiness, growth and success to the world.

We Believe

We firmly believe that our spiritual engine takes care of love, happiness, communication of souls to souls, and souls to God. We believe that our physical engine takes care of our strong desire to exist, our desire to be successful (including ego), our desire to be on top of the food chain and make money, and our desire to be brave.

Vital Transformation Feeds Both Engines

If you combine both engines you will not be a spiritual person who walks with holes in the bottom of his shoes and has no place to sleep, and you won’t be the rich person who travels on a private jet but can’t connect to his soul.

God meant always to give us the greatness of these two engines. What we are here to offer you is a place that will develop these two skills that you are already born with, to their maximum potential.

We want to invite you on this amazing journey with us and would love to see you reach your potential with us, and eventually, help other people reach their full potential.