Vital Transformation is designed to guide people to a successful life in both the spiritual and physical aspects of Life.

A spiritual or religious life alone cannot be the only success of an individual. The success needs to be measured by physical and spiritual achievements together.

I once met a gentleman who took me on his private jet, ignored spirituality in it’s totality and tried to tell me that it’s just a myth and there’s no proof. My answer to him was I can’t prove spirituality through a physical perspective, I can only tell you that there are two engines inside of you and you must feed both of them; one spiritual and one physical.

Spiritual and physical aspects of Life

The spiritual engine takes care of your love, happiness , your communication of souls to souls and souls to God. Your physical engine takes care of your strong desire to exist, your desire to be successful (even if it includes ego). Your desire to be on top of the food chain and make money, and your desire to be brave.


We believe that if we combine both engines you will not be a spiritual person who walks with holes in the bottom of his shoes and has no place to sleep,and you won’t be the rich person who travels on a private jet but can’t connect to his soul.

God meant always to give us the greatness of these two engines. What we are here to offer you is a place that will develop these two skills that you are already born with to their maximum potential.

Of course there is the aspect of reading the soul; this is just a tool to tell you what you need to work on more, the physical or spiritual aspect, or both.

We want to invite you on this amazing journey with us and would love to see you reach your potential with us and eventually help other people to reach their potential.