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Vital Transformation is a free platform that creates and provides spiritual tools, insights, and experiences to help people better understand themselves and their lives.
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About Us

Vital Transformation began in 2016, after decades of devotion to Kabbalah and two lifetimes of spirituality. We created this free platform to offer access to the study of Kabbalah and all its resources. We offer essential tools for building a better and more enriched spiritual life.

We help make a vital transformation in the hearts, bodies, and minds of each individual. We want to guide you and those around you, to find happiness, personal growth and success. We desire to create a safe environment for everyone to have discussions about spirituality, to democratize Kabbalistic material about spiritual growth that has been previously forbidden for 2000 years.

Those who choose to take their journey with Vital Transformation will be able to embrace our teachings and spread that knowledge to others.

  • Meet Eliyahu

    Eliyahu Jian

    It was the desire to help others unlock their potential and cultivate true happiness that originally inspired Eliyahu Jian to dive into the world of coaching, motivational speaking and spiritual advising. That was almost 30 years ago, and since then the Kabbalah teacher and author has poured countless hours and energy into healing others, providing life and spiritual advice and empowering thousands of people to become the best versions of themselves.

  • Meet Debbie

    Debbie Jian
    - Teaching for 14 years

    Debbie Jian, Eliyahu Jian’s wife and partner has been the core asset in helping Vital Transformation successfully bring its vision to life. As a follower of Kabbalah, a spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker herself, Debbie brings a new perspective and new techniques to their vision. She incorporates her vision with an astounding ability to help women to connect to their true selves and unleash their full potential.

Your Journey Starts with Us

This Is Our Promise

At our very core, we all have the power to achieve happiness, love, passion and real wealth in our lives. Vital Transformation is simply here to unlock that hidden power and guide you to the place you truly want to be. We will equip you with a vast array of tools, techniques, and strategies on your journey to happiness because we believe that everyone – no matter who they are or where they are from – deserves guidance, motivation, and inspiration to help them shine. That’s why Vital Transformation is dedicated to delivering free, easily accessible and highly practical content for all. For those seeking a truly high level of being and awareness, or extra support on their journey, we additionally provide valuable and personalized healing and guidance sessions that can be booked directly with Eliyahu to generate long-lasting change and transformation.

This Is Our Promise Your Journey Starts with Us
Seek Balance and Happiness

What You Will Learn:

We want to take you beyond self-help and guide you into a transformed life. Our classes are designed to teach you how to become the best version of yourself.



Owning your successes and failures and exploring the full extent of your humanity while embracing yourself and life to the fullest.
Challenging Action

Challenging Action

Going beyond the teachings towards real growth by undertaking challenging actions to make you a better human while bringing you a giant step closer to reaching true self and achieving your goals. These challenges spark real change and ensure you live what you learn.
Spiritual Growth

Spiritual Growth

A stronger connection to your inner-self, a higher intelligence and those around you by practicing spirituality in daily life and fulfilling your potential through humility.
Applied Gratitude

Applied Gratitude

Embracing the gifts of the Universe and discovering how gratitude and expressing thanks for all you have instils your own inner peace and generates happiness.
Love Yourself

Love Yourself

Striking the perfect balance between positive and negative ego while learning to truly love yourself, your choices, your history and what you offer up to the world without self judgement.
Increasing Charity

Increasing Charity

Giving freely without an expectation of reward, acknowledgment or repayment. Acknowledging that giving is for your own self-growth.
Discipline in Practice

Discipline in Practice

Ongoing commitment to practice all the key growth milestones in your everyday life while inspiring those around you to do the same.

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We created Vital Transformation–a free platform for anyone who needs guidance or seeks to make a difference in the world, by starting with their own.

We give you the help you need no matter your background or current situation, so you can stay strong and EMPOWERED and achieve the you that you want to be.

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Both Engines

We Believe

We firmly believe that our spiritual engine takes care of love, happiness, communication of souls to souls and our soul connection to God. Our physical engine takes care of our strong desire to exist, to be successful (including ego), to be the top of the food chain, to have financial success, and our desire to be brave.

Vital Transformation Feeds Both Engines

If you combine both engines you will grow rich in your connection to your soul.

God meant always to give us the greatness of these two engines. What we are here to offer you is a place that will develop these two engines, to reach their maximum potential.

We invite you on this amazing journey with us! We are committed to helping you succeed in your spiritual and physical well-being.