About Vital Transformation

Vital Transformation is a free platform that creates and provides spiritual tools, insights, and experiences to help people better understand themselves and their lives.

Vital Transformation began in 2016, after decades of devotion to Kabbalah and two lifetimes of spirituality. We created this free platform to offer access to the study of Kabbalah and all its resources. We offer essential tools for building a better and more enriched spiritual life.

We help make a vital transformation in the hearts, bodies, and minds of each individual. We want to guide you and those around you, to find happiness, personal growth and success. We desire to create a safe environment for everyone to have discussions about spirituality, to democratize Kabbalistic material about spiritual growth that has been previously forbidden for 2000 years.

Those who choose to take their journey with Vital Transformation will be able to embrace our teachings and spread that knowledge to others.

Our Vital Team

Meet Eliyahu

It was the desire to help others unlock their potential and cultivate true happiness that originally inspired Eliyahu Jian to dive into the world of coaching, motivational speaking and spiritual advising. That was almost 30 years ago, and since then the Kabbalah teacher and author has poured countless hours and energy into healing others, providing life and spiritual advice and empowering thousands of people to become the best versions of themselves.


Meet Debbie


Debbie Jian, Eliyahu Jian’s wife and partner has been the core asset in helping Vital Transformation successfully bring its vision to life. As a follower of Kabbalah, a spiritual teacher, and motivational speaker herself, Debbie brings a new perspective and new techniques to their vision. She incorporates her vision with an astounding ability to help women to connect to their true selves and unleash their full potential.

Meet Joe

Video editor

Joe is an Emmy-Award-winning producer and U.S. Army Veteran based in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Since 2009, he’s produced hundreds of videos for businesses, non-profits, and government agencies all over the world, from L.A. to New York to the Middle East, and Africa.

Joe Roos Headshot

Meet Ben

Social media & AI manager

Ben brings a background in Social Media Technology and Business Development to pioneer the fusion of old-world wisdom with cutting-edge AI tools, fostering connection and fulfillment. Experienced in creating warm, welcoming gatherings, he extends this ethos to forming new events at the center where people can come grow together.

Meet Shana

Class coordinator

Shana is an energetic student studying at Yeshiva University with a background that ranges from finance societies to farming! She plays a role in Vital’s lecture organization, backend site and content development, and more.


Meet Lily

Communications manager

Lily, a determined business student from Yeshiva University, brings her ambition and positivity to her role at Vital Transformation. She’s carving out a path in the marketing department, infusing her work with creativity and a relentless drive for success.

Meet Jamieson

Web developer

Jamieson is a versatile web developer and analytics manager with experience working with startups, governmental organizations, non-profits, and educational institutions.

Jamieson Headshot

Meet the Board

Meet Manu Sai Bakshi

Manu Sai Bakshi
Mac Nehoray

Meet Mac Nehoray

President of the Board

Born 1960 in Iran. Moved to USA in 1978 to escape the revolution. Admitted to California State Bar in 1990. Founder and managing partner at Southern California Attorneys, APC. Married for 28 years. Have 2 sons. Live in Calabasas, California.

Meet Yvette Broder

Board Member

Yvette Broder runs a financial services boutique called American & Int’l Financial Group in Beverly Hills, CA. A&I is in its 29th year of business. She works with business owners, retirees & families wanting to create and preserve their nest egg & enjoy a comfortable life. Yvette has become a “go to person” for people who want to take the guess work out of retirement & their family’s future. With over 37 years in the financial services & planning industry, 100s have benefited from her experience.

Yvette Broder
Michelle Roig

Meet Michelle Roig

Secretary Treasurer

Los Angeles based Corporate Compliance lawyer for over 15 years. Pro Bono work in Child Advocacy Law. Avid Basketball and Music Fan.

Questions with Eliyahu

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