Alignment, Spirituality and Relationships

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Alignment, Spirituality and Relationships

Sep 14, 2018

Our Relationship with everything is a wonderful subject. The first thing that comes to my mind is how we are in tuned with everything around us.

I believe, based on a book that was written 2,000 years ago, that the origin of everything is sound, noise, our voices. The vibrations that the voice created eventually created the universe as we know it.

Alignment is something we need to do with the vibrations of the universe, together with the vibrations of people around us. Understanding that according to the ancient wisdom of Kabbalah and the chakras our body has certain vibrations. Seven, according to the Chakras and ten according the sefirot of Kabbalah. What does this mean?

“We need to be aware that whatever we think, say or do vibrates. Its not just the words vibrating from the vocal chords, your actions vibrate from your hands and your thoughts vibrates as a whole. So our thoughts and awareness vibrate in everything around us.” — Debbie Jian

If a person is jealous, lazy or only thinking about themselves, the vibration they are activating is inviting all types of black holes into their lives. They become a black hole and everything around them that has a black hole finds them. For example if im in a bad mood and I can’t get rid go it , I’m thinking all day of “poor me” then misery loves company and we start to invite that kind of vibration into out life. The minute I transform that “poor me” into taking responsibility and see what I can do about , just thinking about it, without saying or acting upon it yet, just the thought is already starting to invite the right people, right situation , right animals , minerals, etc into my life.

Through that our words and actions start to change. Start with your mind, your thoughts. Find your way of meditation. The magic of self care is to understand that I am first changing my thoughts , words and actions. The thoughts are the most important part and the words and actions will follow.

The friends that will come into you life will be the right friends. Otherwise you will find yourself with the wrong people. You do not want the wrong people in your life . Making friends when you are in a black hole and in a victim personality you will make friends , but those people will make you suffer for the rest of your life. Change and transform and through that bring and make new friends. A lot of us need to be aware if on out spiritual journey we are busy with our ego. Most of us when we are busy with our ego we tell our kids or friends that they should lower their ego . We need to mention that ego has two sides. The inner ego and the external ego. People with external ego are the people that we usually tell to come down and ground themselves. People with an inner ego are people who hate themselves. That too is ego. They are only busy with themselves. We need to check where we are coming from ? Are we coming from inner ego which means you don’t like yourself ? Or do you suffer from external ego?

External ego means you like to show off and its time to come down to the ground. Work with plants, clean the dishes, do things that have to do with the physical kingdom. If you suffer from inner ego, most likely you are already doing the dishes , folding the laundry and cleaning the toilets.

What you have to do is raise yourself from the world of action to the world of talking and thinking. Make sure you empower yourself. Start verbalizing how great you are. Say, “Im amazing”, “I’m unbelievable ”, “I’m one of a kind!” — Debbie Jian

All of these affirmations will give you the inner strength you need. The inner strength is already there. You don’t have to create it, but its covered, and that’s why it needs to be discovered! Removing the covers that cover your inner strength. How do you know when your inner strength has been activated? When you start seeing the good in people. Through being completely aligned you will be able to share your opinion from a place of giving not receiving which was the original intent of the Creation of the universe.

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