Benefits of Vital Membership

If you’re seeking a spiritual change in your life, you need a daily spiritual practice. A membership with Vital Transformation gives you tools to understand what’s going on in your life from a different perspective, and then think daily about how to use knowledge for growth and direction. This leads to comprehensive spiritual and mental growth.

We believe in being open, spiritual, educational, informative, balanced, social, community-oriented, warm, and like a second home. If that’s not enough for you, membership is also:

  • Over 200 hours of kabbalistic studies
  • Learnings of the secret knowledge of the Tikkunei Zohar to the basic knowledge of Kabbalah Gym
  • Committed to people of all religions and faiths
  • Invested in your health, healing, and growth
  • Digital and Available 24/7
  • Inspired by change