Can you be Creative with Kabbalah ?

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It’s known that lately the city of Tzfat, the northern part of Israel, has become a super creative city practicing Kabbalah. We don’t know if it’s because the painters or artists want to sell more are and more jewelry and use Kabbalah as the method, or maybe its Kabbalah that made them super creative.

Many of my followers have asked me this question, and that is why I am addressing it here in this article. The question they asked me is, “I feel like Kabbalah has made me creative is that true?”.

I would like to take the time to answer this question.

If we understand the word creativity, the creative mind is a mind that is capable of going into the river of thought that was created from the beginning to end of time. Once your mind can penetrate the river of thought then you can draw out an idea from the rivers of creative ideas.

So yes, Kabbalah can make you very creative. Everything around us has vibrations and energy. When you vibrate your body and soul with the right vibration you start drawing into your body and soul a lot of wonderful ideas. When you have negative vibrations and thoughts you will draw from the river of thoughts and ideas the wrong things. Our body has its natural EMF (electromagnetic field)and Kabbalah is making the filter to the EMF of our internal EMF to draw and filter out only the great ideas. Kabbalah, as the Zohar explains , in the first section of Genesis, when a person practices and studies Kabbalah they are able to penetrate to a flawless universe where there are endless ideas. Once you take those ideas and turn them into physical items; pictures, stories, or jewelry you have been turned into a creative person.

So the answer is yes Kabbalah will defintiely make you more creative