The best way to study authentic Kabbalah is by starting to read any books, the wrong ones and the authentic ones.

I have taught Kabbalah to thousands of people in my life and in my 30 years of experience of I’he met so many people, I met so many teachers and I can not tell you what is right or what is wrong, its up to the receiver, the student to define if the style is working for them or not.

So to claim or judge that I am  better at delivering and interpreting this timeless study, is no for me to judge. My dream, goal and vision is that every human being will start studying Kabbalah. Even if you study Kabbalah with a non authentic person, your genuine  desire  to study authentic Kabbalah will find you and lead you to it. . Just don’t stop asking: why!  Don’t stop searching and questioning.

The most important books are the ones that were written up to the time of Rabbi Yehuda HaLevy Ashlag. He is the the last one to write the truth about Kabbalah. I recommend to follow his studies. Before him the Baal Shem Tov and before that the Ari, Rabbi Isaac Luria and before that the Zohar.

Those of you who are capable can study the Book of Formation as well. Here at Vital Transformation our goal is to study Kabbalah, but more importantly is we want to make sure that you will be able to teach it yourself.

Myself as a teacher or Rabbi, I believe if you cannot teach what i’m teaching you, then you didn’t learn.

The 3 aspects to authentic teachers are :

1) After you study with them you feel you are connecting to the Divine or a Higher Force

2) The studies make you happier and you desire to know more.

3) You are capable to share what you studied

When you study with a non- authentic teachers you will find out;

1) That the person who taught you is more afraid of losing you, than you are learning the knowledge.

2) You are leaving the room knowing there is a Divine Presence, Divine Energy, yet it doesn’t give you more certainty

3) There is a severe codependent relationship between you and the master who is trying to teach you.

None of these claims have put me in a place to judge who is authentic or not. I have met many masters of Kabbalah some authentic and some not. The best thing to do is to use the aspects above to see if your teachers are authentic or not

Those of you who have already touched a bit of the wisdom of Kabbalah already know that Kabbalah has not been written for 5000 years ago. It seems like its been written from the year 2000 and going forward. When you study Kabbalah, the Zohar, and the Sefirot something as simple as in the book of Abraham, the Book of Formation, when he says there are 10 dimensions not 9, there are 10 dimensions and not 11, and in modern day science, scientists believe that the theoretical framework of the Superstring Theory posits that the universe exists in ten different dimensions.

The Ari, Rabbi Isaac Luria wrote that the beginning of everything started from a certain point, and then science tells us about the Big Bang Theory, the Ari lived 500 years ago, the discovery of the Big Bang theory happened much later. This shows us that Kabbalah definitely came before its time. It’s knowledge that exists as history, people relate to Kabbalah as something of the passed but it’s actually something of the future.

Most of the studies that you will understand from Kabbalah will be clear to you as science and physics will start to support it. We don’t have yet the knowledge intellectually from different colleges and professors to prove it, once they prove it it will be matched with what Kabbalah spoke about thousands of years ago. In the modern world we understand as much as we can understand. When Kabbalah said 2000 years ago, and it is written in the Zohar, that our globe looks like a ball they didn’t need to have a discovery or send Columbus to prove a point. At that time everyone was worried that this would be the end of the world, when mathematicians or philosophers were arguing with each other, they could have just looked into the Zohar. They sent spaceships to Mars not so long ago yet Abraham in the Book of Formation said 4000 years ago that Mars is a red planet and he knew what the weather was like on Mars and Venus. Everything that was, is and will be, is written in the books of Kabbalah.

Breaking the code of those books has to be of course with the right teacher. So when we talk about the modern world as we know it those of you who want to create a great discovery in every area of the modern world including business, relationships, physics, science, health, you must study more Kabbalah and understand when the Zohar goes ahead and describes different organs of the body and how they function. The lungs, the kidneys, the liver, the gallbladder, to the details, and hopefully one of the doctors in our days will start studying the Zohar and start curing people by using the methods of Kabbalah, maybe we will have less cancer, war, poverty and problems in the world and we will have more health, peace, wealth and harmony. Through this wisdom the modern world as we know it; our children and grandchildren; can live a better life. Instead of sending someone to the hospital, putting them on the bed and hear the doctor saying lets try this and lets try that, It’s time for us to end the guinea pig generation and turn this generation into I know what im doing based on knowledge that’s still accurate in our time.

It’s known that lately the city of Tzfat, the northern part of Israel, has become a super creative city practicing Kabbalah. We don’t know if it’s because the painters or artists want to sell more are and more jewelry and use Kabbalah as the method, or maybe its Kabbalah that made them super creative.

Many of my followers have asked me this question, and that is why I am addressing it here in this article. The question they asked me is, “I feel like Kabbalah has made me creative is that true?”.

I would like to take the time to answer this question.

If we understand the word creativity, the creative mind is a mind that is capable of going into the river of thought that was created from the beginning to end of time. Once your mind can penetrate the river of thought then you can draw out an idea from the rivers of creative ideas.

So yes, Kabbalah can make you very creative. Everything around us has vibrations and energy. When you vibrate your body and soul with the right vibration you start drawing into your body and soul a lot of wonderful ideas. When you have negative vibrations and thoughts you will draw from the river of thoughts and ideas the wrong things. Our body has its natural EMF (electromagnetic field)and Kabbalah is making the filter to the EMF of our internal EMF to draw and filter out only the great ideas. Kabbalah, as the Zohar explains , in the first section of Genesis, when a person practices and studies Kabbalah they are able to penetrate to a flawless universe where there are endless ideas. Once you take those ideas and turn them into physical items; pictures, stories, or jewelry you have been turned into a creative person.

So the answer is yes Kabbalah will defintiely make you more creative

When you read about all the spiritual knowledge out there, Zen, Buddhism, Hindu, Islam, Judaism, Christianity, all types of self help, all types of religion all types of spiritual knowledge, all wisdom is gathered together to hopefully connect you to the Divine. The second reason is to teach us how to be together as a community or as a tribe. In the the old days believing in a higher force and living in a community would save you from animals , form wars. Sense of community was always important. Sense of God, the Divine or a Higher Power would give you hope that whatever you were going through will be ok tomorrow.

So what is truly the difference with Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is teaching you what was the thought of the Creator when he Created this creation as we know it . Once you know the DNA of the Creation, once you know the thought, the reasoning of why, you start applying the spiritual behavior not out of guilt or fear that something will happen to you or what might or night not happen, loosing or gaining. You are no longer attached to your individual part of how you benefit from the community or God. It becomes that you are not just part of society or the Divine, you are part of one global community that is one, and we are a cell that is part of everything and spans through all times of existence. So no matter when you were born, you don’t just affect the years you live in but you connect to everyone before and after those years.

Kabbalah teaches us that everything is interconnected. In order to understand this you need to study how everything is interconnected, how do the Sefirot work, how does the Tree of Life operate?

Kabbalah will be more exact on the why? Not just what to do and how. Most spiritual knowledge tells you practically what you need to do or how to do things that you will be good in the eyes of God. A lot of guilt and selfish agenda attached to it, everything boils down to either I gain fruit here or in the world to come. When you study and practice Kabbalah it takes you into a place of understanding, and your choice comes out of full understanding, not out of routine, or a place of guilt or selfish agenda, you do it from clarity because you know why you are doing what you are doing.

For example we all know to give Charity is the right thing. Charity of Love, time and money. We don’t even think why, if we are losing the why we are losing the reason , because in every why that you ask you connect to the seed level of why you do what you do.

Charity according to Kabbalah is a very important act because it gives you an opportunity to share as if you are the Creator or the Divine and at the same time you need to practice when you give that you are not above the receiver. The receiver is actually giving you an opportunity to give. Like us versus the Creator. When you stand in front of the Creator , the Creator wants to give us, by us receiving we are allowing the Creator to express itself through us. By studying Kabbalah you are connecting to everything not just one spiritual knowledge, it’s everything. For that reason Kabbalah has bee called for generations the mother of all spiritual knowledge.

When you study Kabbalah you are going back to the roots of what happened before humanity gave a name on their own to what truly the universe wanted from them.

If you truly want to reach your full potential to what was your purpose of creation, every spiritual person will have to ask themselves; whats the purpose of my existence? It’s impossible that we were born here only to work, make a living, have children and then die. When there is no new evolution or spiritual growth, there has to be a meaning and purpose to life.

To find the purpose within the Bible is possible, but it can have many meanings according to what a person believes in. The Christians can give it one meaning the Jews can give it a meaning , the Moslems can have their own meaning and even the Atheists can give it a meaning. The historians can say it looks like a nice story and we are still looking for proof.

The bible can be a nice story, it can be history or it can be something we learn from. The five famous explanations of the bible that changed the world through the study of Kabbalah was first the Book of Formation, then the Zohar, the Ari who is Rabbi Isaac Luria with his loyal student Rabbi Chaim Vital and then the Baal Shem Tov, who brought the wisdom to the farmers and the most famous Kabbaliast from our times, Rabbi Yehuda Halevi Ashlag who bought the wisdom of Rabbi Isaac Luria from 500 years ago into an easy way to understand.

Going back to our question of how Kabbalah can help us, when you start finding out your life purpose, every one of us comes here for a reason according to Kabbalah. So you can choose a good job and make good money and if you are spiritually open minded you have a reason why you came to the world. The reasons need to be studied well by using the method that is written in Zohar Yitro, and there all the secrets and hints of why a person comes to this world. Some of us are here to correct a past life time, and that’s where the study of Reincarnation comes in. Some of us come to make a difference for others, some came to improve our personal life. Kabbalah can help you to find out what exactly you came here for and what do you need to do and through that you can plan your life better and make sure you don’t waste time letting life go by and not accomplishing the maximum you came here to accomplish.

There are many dates that claim when Kabbalah started. So to really answer the question we have to choose a few different opinions.

In the book of Raziel the angel it’s written that Kabbalah began after Adam and Eve were kicked out from the Garden of Eden.

According to other opinions Kabbalah began during the time of Abraham the Patriarch as he discovered the unification of all Gods, what we call in our time quantum physics.That everything is actually one and there is no difference. So to refer to when Kabbalah began, if we are talking about Kabbalah as a wisdom, or as a philosophy of life, or what the Kabbalists refer to the Tree of Life or the Flower of life, we know that it is written in the book of Genesis that after Adam and Eve ate from the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, God was concerned that they would approach the Tree of Life and live forever.

There is no explanation of what exactly is the Tree of Life, what was the fruit of the Tree of Life , and what exactly was God’s concerns over Adam and Eve living forever.

The explanation by all Kabbalists, is that once they are from the forbidden fruit of the Tree of Knowledge their consciousness and awareness went down dramatically.

The talmud describes that that drop of consciousness was similar in a physical description as if Adam, who was bigger than the biggest dinosaur and then he shrank to the size that we are familiar with today. Try to use this as a visual for the concept of spirituality.

When God said I don’t want Adam and Eve to live forever, God meant that he doesn’t want us as humans to live in the consciousness of the Tree of Knowledge forever. It wasn’t that God didn’t want us to live a long life, the opposite , God wanted us to live a long life with the right consciousness. Which is the idea that we can receive as much as we want for the sake of sharing not for the sake of just benefiting our ego.

Going back to the original question and refer to a time, if we refer to the Book of Abraham then Kabbalah began about 4000 years ago. If we refer to the book of Raziel the angel who was together with Adam and Eve when they were kicked out of the Gardneb of Eden then we relate to the Jewish year that is related to the birth of Adam and Eve, which is 5779.

I would like to share with you some words of wisdom on the mystical yet practical subject called Kabbalah. The word Kabbalah if you translate from Hebrew means acceptance or receiving.

As we all know the engine that drives our entire existence is the force of receiving. To simplify it, think about this while you are reading my article:

While you are walking, breathing the air that keeps us alive you are experiencing an example of that force of wanting.

People who have lost their desire and craving, no longer are really living.  Some just exist on auto-pilot waiting to die and others stay struck while saying “I wish”, “I should”,  “I would” because they feel like they are missing the train.

The wisdom of Kabbalah has existed since Adam and Eve were created, meaning since the first human experience occurred. And a central tenet of that gift of sacred wisdom teaches us that the innate force of receiving was instilled in us right from the beginning, by God.

It also tells us when that gift is not used correctly; it can turn into the biggest curse for humankind. Or, as they say: ‘too much of a good thing can be a bad thing”.

Think about things that give you the most amount of pleasure and try to do them over and over!  You would soon get turned off. That’s because the engine called DESIRE needs to be handled correctly. Needs to be approached correctly

The Kabbalists are teaching us that before the creation of our physical universe, before the creation of humanity animals and vegetables, before the creation of the sun and the moon, the almighty one, the force, the divine, the Creator, God whatever name you feel comfortable with created only one simple thing and that was DESIRE.

That DESIRE was simply the ability to hold all the great pleasures that the Creator had in mind to give from the bounty of its own Nature. So the sharing energy of the Almighty One created a receiving intelligence.

That receiving intelligence can be used for good or can kill you by addiction or obsession. I’m sure you’re familiar with the verse in the book of Genesis that says. “Do not eat from the tree of knowledge because you will die”. What did God mean?

He meant to tell Adam that within the tree of knowledge there is a desire which is the original desire that God created. A desire for all the wonderful things to come to fruition, but you have to be ready to get there.

So let’s explain it in our own daily language. You cannot stop wanting everything and at the same time, you can’t have everything. How does this paradox work?

The Creator is offering us different levels of desire. The strength of the desire is based on your ability to let go of that desire and yet hold on to wanting it at the same time.

I’ll give another example.  Try to imagine that you desire to eat 10 donuts. Your desire level now equals 10 donuts. Are you capable of letting go of those 10 donuts once you have them in your domain?  If not, what’s happening is that those 10 donuts will give you a feeling of fulfillment and your desire will be dismissed, which means you will have the 10 donuts but you won’t enjoy them.

What would you rather have 1 donut that you won’t enjoy or 1 donut that will give you the joy of one? The universe is operating with an engine of desire and above you; there is a curtain to prevent you from receiving absolutely everything you want. Every time you receive everything you want you are burning yourself, meaning you are burning your desire level and because of that to enjoy and appreciate and feel more comfortable your desire will have to get smaller, become diminished so as to not feel the pain of having everything at once and destroying the happiness it can bring One DONUT

God, in a merciful way, is making our desires smaller and this results in a diminihed feeling kabbalists called Mussaf, meaning, curtain. This curtain is preventing you from going for all your desire all at once

Every human being wants to swallow the world whole. Money, pride, respect, honor, and all the rest. The curtain is a metaphysical construct to prevent us from burning out.

So that is the paradox we need to understand from the tree of knowledge good and bad. If you are capable of having 1 billion and at the same time you can let go of your desire for the 1 billion, when you receive it, it will last.

If you have the ability to have any type of fun and joy, AND are able to share it right away, not because of manners only, but because of having mastered the secrets of Kabbalistic technology then the process assures that you keep your desire going and you don’t burn out.

It is then that your life will become one of desire for more sharing what you receive and your life will become sustained with a continuity of continuous enjoyment. Your appreciation will grow, as well as, your awe for a Creator who created a system where you can genuinely have it all!

I am here to teach you the secret of bringing that kind of continuity into your life and the life of all humanity as well.