Vital Transformation: New & Free

We’ve made some big changes. Thanks for your continued support. We exist because seeking, spiritually hungry, conscious and powerful people like you invest in your personal well-being and future to make profound changes in the world. We’re changing our business model to make greater changes, too. This week, we’ve relaunched a redesigned website and app […]

What is POV?

POV is, of course, short for “Point of View: We all have a POV based on our vantage point, whether, spiritually, physically, psychologically or emotionally. It all depends on where we are, figuratively, and/or actually. As Albert Einstein, among other great minds has explained, it is what we “see,” or perceive. If I’m standing with […]

Consensus and conflict, the great companions

Spirituality makes you think beyond the obvious. Read the following two C’s; Consensus and Conflict. Now add the word co-existence to it. You halt, there is something that doesn’t gel, these two can never co exist is the obvious logical conclusion for most. This is where spirituality enters the picture and alters the paradox. Imagining […]

The Power of Speech and Actions

There was a disagreement between Moses and Korach this week. What was the argument about? The Zohar explains that Korach was chasing something that didn’t belong to him. When a person chases something that doesn’t belong to him even what belongs to him disappears. What can we learn from this? Korach was challenging Moses with […]

Purification and Certainty

Chukat comes from ‘chok‘, which means the law. The beginning of the portion is about the Red Heifer, which is purification from death. What are we getting pure from? Death. Every human being has the energy of the Angel of Death around them, that’s why we die until we can purify the body. The soul […]


Most people think that the holiday of Shavuot is just about the giving of the Ten Commandments. However, let me share with you how the deeper implications of this unique and transformational holiday can only be understood through the lens of Kabbalah. Central to it is the capacity for endless continuity, a gift offered to […]


As we approach the new moon of Nissan, it is worthwhile to consider the root of the word Nissan, which comes from the Hebrew word “Nes,” meaning miracle. Indicating we have an opportunity this month to attract every possible miracle and the energy to ignite them, giving us a fresh chance to set that energy […]

Time to Make Miracles!

Are you ready to take charge of bringing your own miracle? We are moving into the month of Kislev, the month that has within it Chanukah. It is a month governed by the configuration of the Tetragrammaton, the holiest Name of God combination that brings the light of the Creator down from the spiritual realm […]