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Unlocking Miracles in Kislev (Sagittarius)

November 4, 2021

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Episode Description:

This Kislev, embrace the wisdom of Rabbi Eliyahu Jian as we explore the boundless possibilities of consciousness and the miracles that await us in the month of Sagittarius. Known for its deep spiritual significance in Kabbalah, Kislev is a time when the light shines brighter in the darkness, offering us a unique opportunity to discover the miraculous in our everyday lives.

🔮 Whether we’re facing challenges or seeking to elevate our current path, Rabbi Jian guides us through understanding how Kislev’s energy can support us in overcoming obstacles and finding strength where we least expect it. It’s a month where the potential for personal and communal miracles becomes more accessible, inviting us to open our hearts to the unexpected and the extraordinary.

💡 Let’s delve into the teachings of consciousness this Kislev. By aligning with the higher wisdom and embracing the energies of Sagittarius, we can transform our perspective, seeing opportunities for growth and success in areas where we might have faced hardship.

Join us at Vital Transformation for more insights from Rabbi Eliyahu Jian. Discover how the miracles of Kislev can illuminate your path to resilience, hope, and transformation.

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