7th of Pesach - Vital Transformation

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7th of Pesach

April 24, 2019

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Episode Description:

Join Debbie Jian for an enlightening exploration of the 7th of Pesach, a day that commemorates the Israelites’ crossing of the Red Sea, an event that is not only a cornerstone of Jewish history but also a rich source of spiritual and mystical teachings. In this comprehensive video, Debbie Jian weaves together the historical events, Kabbalistic insights, and practical spiritual practices associated with this significant day, inviting viewers to deepen their understanding of Jewish spirituality and embrace the lessons of faith, freedom, and divine providence.

Discover the historical significance of the 7th of Pesach, as Debbie Jian expertly navigates the story of the Exodus and the miraculous crossing of the Red Sea, highlighting the themes of liberation, faith, and divine intervention that resonate through the ages. Gain access to Kabbalistic teachings that shed light on the mystical dimensions of this event, exploring how it symbolizes the ultimate triumph over limitations and the potential for personal and collective transformation.

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