Blind Spot – Class 02 - Vital Transformation

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Blind Spot – Class 02

December 12, 2017

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Episode Description:

Welcome to our enlightening journey, where we dive into the realms of self-discovery and spiritual awakening with our latest class, “Blind Spot – Class 02.” In this session, we’re peeling back the layers of our consciousness to reveal the unseen areas of our lives, those blind spots that often go unnoticed yet hold the key to profound personal growth and understanding. With a blend of Kabbalistic wisdom and practical exercises, we’re embarking on a transformative path to illuminate the hidden corners of our souls, fostering a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

Key Points

  1. Exploring the Chakras and Tree of Life: We delve into the mystical aspects of our being by aligning the chakras with the Sefirot on the Tree of Life. This alignment helps us identify where our energies are blocked, revealing the spiritual dimensions of our physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges.
  2. Soul Origins – Cain and Abel: Understanding our soul’s origin offers profound insights into our innate tendencies and blind spots. Whether our souls resonate more with the qualities of Cain (hands-on, practical) or Abel (communicative, intellectual), acknowledging this can guide us toward balancing our actions and interactions.
  3. The Power of Ibur (Soul Impregnation): The concept of Ibur, where a righteous soul temporarily joins with a living person to provide guidance and support, is a transformative tool for overcoming our blind spots and achieving spiritual growth.
  4. Chakra Check Exercise: Through hands-on exercises, participants experience firsthand the power of energetic awareness. By sensing the flow of energy within and around us, we identify blockages in our chakras, opening avenues for healing and empowerment.
  5. Blind Spots in Communication and Spirituality: We address common blind spots related to communication and spiritual ego, offering strategies for improvement and balance. Recognizing these areas allows us to communicate more effectively and maintain humility in our spiritual pursuits.

Participant Takeaways

  • Enhanced Self-Awareness: Participants will leave with a deeper understanding of their spiritual and emotional landscapes, equipped with the knowledge to identify and address their personal blind spots.
  • Tools for Energetic Healing: By learning to sense and interact with their chakra energies, attendees gain practical skills for self-healing and balancing, contributing to overall well-being.
  • Connection with Higher Guidance: The exploration of Ibur introduces a powerful method for seeking and receiving divine support, enhancing one’s spiritual journey and decision-making processes.
  • Improved Communication: Insights into the dynamics of communication chakras encourage participants to express themselves more authentically and listen more deeply, fostering stronger relationships and personal growth.
  • Humility in Spirituality: Acknowledging the pitfalls of spiritual ego strengthens one’s genuine connection with the Divine, encouraging a path of humility, service, and continuous learning.
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