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Death Anniversary | Moshe Rabbeinu

March 4, 2021

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Episode Description:

In this profound video, Rabbi Eliyahu Jian honors the death anniversary of Moshe Rabbeinu (Moses, our Teacher), delving into the legacy and timeless teachings of the most central figure in Jewish history. Rabbi Jian explores the significance of Moshe Rabbeinu’s leadership, his role in receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai, and his enduring impact on Jewish law, spirituality, and identity. Discover the deep connections between Moshe’s teachings and the principles of Kabbalistic wisdom, highlighting how his life and lessons continue to influence modern Jewish Orthodoxy and spiritual practice.


Rabbi Eliyahu Jian, known for his expertise in integrating Kabbalistic teachings with contemporary life, provides insightful reflections on the qualities that made Moshe Rabbeinu a paradigm of spiritual leadership and divine connection. Learn about the Kabbalistic perspectives on Moshe’s character, his unique prophecy, and his unrelenting commitment to the spiritual and physical well-being of the Israelites.


This video also touches upon the significance of commemorating the death anniversary of such a pivotal figure in Jewish tradition. Rabbi Jian discusses the custom of studying Torah and engaging in acts of kindness and reflection as ways to honor Moshe Rabbeinu’s memory and legacy. He offers practical advice on how individuals can connect with the spirit of Moshe today, through prayer, study, and the pursuit of justice and compassion.


Join Rabbi Eliyahu Jian for this enlightening exploration of Moshe Rabbeinu’s life and legacy, uncovering the Kabbalistic insights that can guide us in our quest for spiritual growth, leadership, and a deeper connection with the divine. This video is a must-watch for anyone interested in the intersection of Jewish history, spirituality, and Kabbalistic teachings, seeking to understand the profound impact of Moshe Rabbeinu on the Jewish soul and contemporary practice.


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