Ekev | Weekly Inspiration 2023 - Vital Transformation

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Ekev | Weekly Inspiration 2023

August 2, 2023

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Episode Description:

Dive into the mystical realms of Kabbalah with our upcoming class, “Unveiling the Depths of Parashat Devarim: A Journey Through Kabbalistic Insights.” This session is a must-attend for anyone interested in beginner Kabbalah study, exploring the profound teachings of the Zohar, the Arizal, and other Kabbalistic masters. Whether you’re new to the study of Kabbalah or seeking to deepen your understanding, this class offers a unique opportunity to explore the essence of spiritual speech, the power of our words, and the transformative potential of diving into the teachings of Parashat Devarim through a Kabbalistic lens.

Key Points:

  • Exploring the Essence of Speech: Learn about the Kabbalistic differentiation between ‘debur’ and ‘amira’ and their implications on our spiritual and everyday lives.
  • The Power of Our Words: Delve into the significance of the spoken word in Kabbalah, understanding how our speech can influence the world around us and our personal spiritual journey.
  • Insights from Kabbalistic Texts: Gain insights from a variety of sources including the Zohar, the teachings of the Arizal, and other mystical texts, offering a rich understanding of Parashat Devarim.
  • Practical Spiritual Lessons: Discover practical lessons from Parashat Devarim on leadership, personal growth, and the importance of constructive criticism within a spiritual context.

What Participants Will Get Out of It: Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of speech and its implications according to Kabbalistic teachings. You’ll learn about the importance of words in shaping our reality, the difference between harsh and gentle speech, and how to apply these insights to your personal spiritual practice. This class is designed to enrich your spiritual journey, offering tools and insights for personal growth, enhanced leadership skills, and the ability to approach life’s challenges with wisdom and understanding.

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