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Exploring the Mystical side of Life

April 27, 2020

Exploring the Mystical side of Life

Reclaiming Your Soul: Life Teachings from the Kabbalah

Guest : Eliyahu Jian

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Episode Description:

“What is the Kabbalah? How did it originate? How can it help you find fulfillment and purpose and connect you with your inner power? What is the ultimate good, according to Kabbalah?

The gift of giving; The language of the Universe; Understanding message being given to you; Why we need challenges; Planetary alignment through the Covid times.

Meet Eliyahu Jian, America’s Top Kabbalist-based Life Coach & Spiritual Advisor, cofounder of the non-profit Vital Transformation organization, and author of The Laughing Billionaire: How to Become Rich and Happy. Visit https://vitaltransformation.org/ to access spiritual teachings and https://eliyahujian.com/ for personal coaching. “

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