Taurus | Feeling for Others and Giving to Others - Vital Transformation

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Taurus | Feeling for Others and Giving to Others

May 3, 2022

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Episode Description:

In this compelling video, Rabbi Eliyahu Jian takes us on a profound journey through the month of Iyar, a period teeming with spiritual opportunities and challenges, according to Kabbalistic teachings and the wisdom of Torah. Set against the backdrop of his recent trip to Paris and encounters with spiritual leaders, Rabbi Jian emphasizes the work that lies ahead in harnessing the unique energies of this month, symbolized by the astrological sign of Taurus.

Diving deep into Kabbalistic insights, Rabbi Jian explores the significance of the second Pesach (Passover), a time for reflection and renewal, highlighting the potential for personal and collective growth. He shares the teachings of Rabbi Ashlag, focusing on the purpose of creation, the importance of developing a desire to give, and the transformative power of feeling for others. These teachings underscore the necessity of aligning our actions, words, and thoughts with the virtues of giving and empathy to fulfill our spiritual potential.

Rabbi Jian also addresses the challenges and tests we face in developing our souls, stressing the importance of overcoming ego, coveting, and selfish desires through daily practice and mindfulness. He encourages viewers to seize the opportunities presented by the month of Iyar to build character, cultivate unconditional love for God, and develop a genuine desire to help others.

The video further delves into the astrological aspects of Taurus, emphasizing the need for change and self-development. Rabbi Jian draws on the Talmud and Kabbalistic texts to illustrate how every aspect of creation, including humans, embodies forces that either draw in or repel, shaping our spiritual journey. He passionately argues for the use of Torah study and mitzvot (commandments) as tools for spiritual advancement, contrasting these with the suffering that also prompts growth.

In a heartfelt conclusion, Rabbi Jian reflects on personal experiences that highlight the importance of patience, understanding, and the ability to see challenges as opportunities for spiritual development. He calls on viewers to engage in acts of kindness and sharing, especially during the month of Iyar, to close gaps between people and to work towards personal and communal purification.

This video is an essential watch for those interested in Kabbalah, Jewish spiritual growth practices, and anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of how celestial events like the New Moon of Iyar influence our spiritual and everyday lives. Rabbi Jian’s insights provide practical guidance for navigating the complexities of modern living while staying true to the timeless teachings of the Torah and Kabbalah.

Keywords: Month of Iyar, Taurus, Kabbalah, Rabbi Eliyahu Jian, spiritual growth, Torah teachings, second Pesach, personal development, spiritual challenges, unconditional love, self-improvement, Jewish spirituality, astrological insights, character building, acts of kindness, Pessach.

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