Introduction to Ten Sefirot Class 2 - Vital Transformation

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Introduction to Ten Sefirot Class 2

February 13, 2020

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Episode Description:

Welcome to our enlightening journey through the “Introduction to Ten Sefirot Class 2”! This class, led by the wisdom of Rabbi Eliyahu Jian, delves into the profound concept of desire—its origin, its role in creation, and its ultimate purpose. We begin by unraveling the mystery of how desires form and influence our experience of the world. This session promises to be an eye-opening exploration of Kabbalistic teachings, offering deep insights into the dynamics of giving and receiving, which lie at the very heart of existence.

Key Points

  • Origin of Desire: The discussion opens with the intriguing idea that everything in the universe originated from a singular desire. This desire isn’t merely about wanting; it’s about a divine intention to give, which precedes even the creation of the universe.
  • Concept of Unity: Rabbi Jian introduces the concept of “E and His Name are One,” symbolizing the unity between the force of giving (the Light) and the force of receiving (the Vessel). This unity challenges us to think beyond physical names and forms, urging a deeper understanding of their intrinsic oneness.
  • Transformation of Desire: A significant portion of the class is dedicated to the evolution of desire from simple to complex. This evolution is not just a cosmic event but a personal journey every human undergoes. By transforming our desires from selfish to altruistic, we align closer with the divine will.
  • Practical Application: The teachings emphasize real-life applications, such as controlling our desires to connect more profoundly with the source of all creation. This control isn’t about suppression but about aligning our desires with divine will, transforming receiving into an act of giving.

Participant Takeaways

  • Enhanced Understanding of Spiritual Dynamics: Participants will gain a clearer understanding of how their desires shape their lives and how by refining these desires, they can live in harmony with cosmic laws.
  • Personal Growth and Transformation: Through the teachings, attendees are encouraged to reflect on their desires and motivations, promoting personal growth and a shift towards more spiritually aligned living.
  • Connection to the Divine: The class offers pathways to connect with the divine by understanding the balance and interplay between giving and receiving. This deeper connection promises a more fulfilled and purpose-driven life.
  • Empowerment through Knowledge: By understanding the foundational concepts of Kabbalah regarding desire, participants will feel empowered to make changes that resonate with their spiritual beliefs and lead to a more meaningful existence.
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