Masechet Pesachim | Class 1 - Vital Transformation

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Masechet Pesachim | Class 1

January 22, 2024

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Episode Description:

The study of the Gemara, particularly Masechet Pesachim, offers a rich exploration of Jewish law, tradition, and spiritual wisdom. Michael Jian’s first class in this series opens the door to understanding the complexities and beauty of Passover preparations and observances. This blog post recaps the key points and insights from Class 1, providing a foundation for both seasoned learners and newcomers to the study of Talmud.

Background on Masechet Pesachim:

  • A brief overview of Masechet Pesachim, its place within the Talmud, and its focus on Passover laws and customs.
  • The significance of studying Masechet Pesachim, highlighting its relevance to Jewish life and spiritual practice.
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