Musar #14 | Gift of the Bible Part 3 | Altruism and Egoism - Vital Transformation

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Musar #14 | Gift of the Bible Part 3 | Altruism and Egoism

March 25, 2022

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Episode Description:

Join Rabbi Eliyahu Jian in an enlightening session from the Musar series, titled “Gift of the Bible Part 3: Altruism and Egoism.” This thought-provoking lecture, available on Vital Transformation’s YouTube channel, delves deep into the complex relationship between altruism and egoism, as discussed in the ninth chapter of Mammar and Matan Torah. Rabbi Jian intricately explores the notions of family ego and personal ego, revealing how an understanding and acceptance of one’s own ego can surprisingly lead to the development of love and altruism towards others.

Rabbi Jian embarks on a fascinating journey to decode how egoism, often perceived negatively, is actually a foundational step towards achieving true altruism. He challenges conventional wisdom by illustrating how personal development and self-love are prerequisites for extending genuine love and support to others. This session unveils the paradoxical truth that our capacity to love others is intricately tied to our own self-awareness and ego.

The discussion navigates through the implications of egoism within family dynamics, societal interactions, and extends to a broader philosophical debate on nationalism versus internationalism. Rabbi Jian uses compelling analogies, like the farmer using organic waste to enrich the soil, to argue that egoism, when managed and directed properly, can be a powerful force for societal good.

This video is not just a lecture but a profound exploration of Kabbalistic insights into human behavior, offering viewers a unique perspective on how embracing our ego can lead us to a path of greater love and altruism. Rabbi Jian’s teachings provide a roadmap for personal growth, emphasizing the importance of self-love as a stepping stone to developing deep, meaningful connections with others and fostering a more compassionate society.

Whether you’re seeking spiritual enlightenment, interested in Kabbalistic teachings, or simply curious about the intricate balance between self-interest and selflessness, this video promises to engage, challenge, and inspire you. Dive into this philosophical exploration with Rabbi Eliyahu Jian and discover how altruism truly begins with understanding and embracing our own ego.

Keywords: Rabbi Eliyahu Jian, Musar series, Kabbalistic teachings, altruism, egoism, personal growth, spiritual enlightenment, family dynamics, societal interactions, nationalism, internationalism.

Watch now and embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, unlocking the secrets to true altruism through the lens of egoism.

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