New Moon of Aries- March 27, 2020 - Vital Transformation

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New Moon of Aries- March 27, 2020

March 27, 2020

Episode Description:

Hello and a hearty welcome to everyone joining us today for a special journey into the New Moon of Aries, marking the start of Nissan, a powerful gateway to abundance and miracles for the entire year. As we gather here, let’s embrace this unique moment, a time when the universe aligns to offer us an extraordinary opportunity for transformation, prosperity, and the realization of our deepest desires. This session is not just about receiving; it’s about engaging with the energies of Nissan, understanding the significance of this lunar cycle, and learning how we can actively participate in manifesting miracles in our lives. So, grab your cup of coffee, and let’s dive into the mystic wonders of Aries, ready to unlock the doors to an abundance that spans all aspects of our lives.

Key Points

  1. Nissan and the Miracle of Aries: Discover the profound spiritual significance of Nissan, a month synonymous with miracles and divine interventions. Learn about the ancient Hebrew roots of the word “Nissan,” which connects to the concept of miracles, and how this period offers a unique chance for personal and communal transformation.
  2. Harnessing the Energy for Abundance: This session will explore the cosmic opening for sustenance and prosperity that Nissan represents. Understanding and tapping into this energy can set the foundation for our financial and spiritual abundance throughout the year.
  3. Spiritual Ingredients for Success: We’ll delve into the mystical tradition of preparing a special dish, symbolic of nourishment and abundance. This practice, rooted in ancient wisdom, serves as a physical manifestation of our readiness to receive the blessings of Nissan.
  4. The Power of Words and Belief: Learn about the critical role of speech and belief during this lunar month. Our words and thoughts are potent tools for shaping our reality, especially now. This segment will offer practical guidance on how to align your speech with your highest intentions.
  5. Becoming Kings and Queens of Our Destiny: Nissan challenges us to adopt a regal mindset, seeing ourselves as deserving of abundance, health, and happiness. Embrace your inner royalty, understanding that self-worth and dignity are key to unlocking the miracles of Aries.

Participant Takeaways

  • Embrace Your Potential for Miracles: Participants will leave with a deepened understanding of Nissan’s miraculous potential and how to make it a lived reality.
  • Practical Tools for Abundance: Learn specific actions and spiritual practices that can attract prosperity and success into your life during Nissan and beyond.
  • Elevate Your Speech for Success: Gain insights into the power of positive speech and belief, and how these can be harnessed to create a more fulfilling life.
  • Step into Your Royal Self: Be inspired to see yourself as deserving of abundance, equipped with the mindset of kings and queens, ready to claim your divine right to prosperity and joy.
  • Connect to a Community of Transformation: Join a community committed to personal growth and spiritual awakening, supporting each other in the journey of making this Nissan a turning point towards a life of abundance.