New Moon of Scorpio Meditation - Vital Transformation

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New Moon of Scorpio Meditation

October 23, 2020

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About Kabbalah Meditations Class

Kabbalah Meditations

Meditation is a powerful technique used to gain clarity, direction, and connection to your soul. We guide your through this practice, focusing on teachings from the Sicilian Kabbalist Rabbi Abraham Abulafia. You will study sacred texts and experience a potent breathing technique that will still your mind in order to reach your soul. This level of practice will help you to push away distracting thoughts so you can clearly hear and communicate with the higher power.

Meditations from Rabbi Abraham Abulafia, a Sicilian Kabbalist, will help you to connect your soul to the Creator. You will learn to still your mind, focus on your breathing, communicate with the Divine, and improve your life.