Passover Study 3: Cultivating Selflessness - Vital Transformation

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Passover Study 3: Cultivating Selflessness

March 30, 2022

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Episode Description:

Follow along with the text of this study.

Join Michael Jian and Michael Englander for the third session in their Passover study series, focusing on the theme of “Becoming Less Selfish.” Drawing from the profound teachings found in “Pri Etz Chayim” by Hayyim Vital, which encapsulate the wisdom of Isaac Luria (Arizal), this discussion delves into the transformative power of Passover as a time for refining our souls and shedding layers of selfishness.

In the fourth paragraph of Pri Etz Chayim’s Gate of Passover, the concept of souls reincarnating through generations and their journey towards purification is explored. This session illuminates how these souls, including those of the generation of Moses, were drawn towards the aspect of “da’at” (knowledge), symbolizing a deeper understanding and connection. Michael Jian and Michael Englander elucidate how this connection is akin to the union of male and female forces, blending mercy and judgment, and leading to the refinement of the soul.

Key points discussed include:

  • The Kabbalistic interpretation of knowledge and intimacy as pathways to becoming one with higher truths and purifying the soul.
  • The significance of the generation of Moses and the Egyptian exile as a period of intense soul refinement, aimed at correcting past transgressions and embracing a collective journey towards selflessness.
  • The role of physicality and hardship, mirrored in the labor of the Israelites in Egypt, as a metaphor for the spiritual labor required to cleanse selfishness from our souls.
  • The overarching message of Passover as a technology for becoming less selfish, transforming suffering and purification into opportunities for spiritual growth and renewal.

This session offers a unique perspective on the traditional Passover narrative, inviting viewers to reflect on their own spiritual journey and the importance of selflessness in achieving true freedom. Through the lens of Kabbalah and the teachings of Arizal, Michael Jian and Michael Englander guide us towards a deeper understanding of Passover’s potential to cleanse our souls and foster a more selfless existence.

Keywords: Passover, Pri Etz Chayim, Isaac Luria, Arizal, Hayyim Vital, Kabbalah, selflessness, spiritual growth, Michael Jian, Michael Englander.

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