Passover Study 5 - Zohar Emor - Vital Transformation

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Passover Study 5 – Zohar Emor

April 11, 2022

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Episode Description:

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In this fifth installment of their Passover study series, Michael Jian and Michael Englander dive into the profound teachings of the Zohar, specifically focusing on the Parashat Emor. This session offers a deep exploration of the Kabbalistic interpretations of Pesach, unveiling how states of spiritual “sleep” and “awakening” relate to the essence of the holiday and the journey from exile to redemption.

The discussion begins with an analysis of a passage from the Zohar that references the Song of Songs, using the metaphor of sleep to describe the spiritual exile in Egypt, where the forces of receiving overshadow those of sharing. This state of “sleep” is contrasted with the “awake” heart, symbolizing an alignment with divine attributes and the potential for spiritual liberation.

Key Highlights:

  • The Kabbalistic concept of sleep as a metaphor for spiritual exile, where selfishness and the desire to receive dominate, versus the awakened state of sharing and connection to the Divine.
  • The significance of Nissan, the first month, and its association with Pesach, as a time of spiritual renewal and the transition from sleep to awakening.
  • The role of the male and female aspects of the Divine in achieving redemption, with the male aspect representing mercy without wisdom and the female aspect representing wisdom without mercy. Only through their union can complete redemption be achieved.
  • The importance of opening oneself to divine mercy and wisdom as a prerequisite for receiving the fullness of spiritual abundance and liberation from exile.
  • Practical applications of these teachings in preparing for and observing Pesach, emphasizing the cultivation of sharing, mercy, and wisdom in our lives.

Michael Jian and Michael Englander guide viewers through these complex themes with clarity and insight, making the ancient wisdom of the Zohar accessible and relevant to contemporary spiritual seekers. This session invites us to reflect on our own states of spiritual sleep and awakening, urging us to embrace the transformative potential of Pesach by aligning with the forces of sharing and divine connection.

Join Michael Jian and Michael Englander for this enriching journey through Zohar Emor, and discover how the timeless teachings of Kabbalah can illuminate your path to spiritual freedom and fulfillment during Passover and beyond.

Keywords: Passover, Zohar, Emor, Kabbalah, spiritual awakening, Michael Jian, Michael Englander, exile and redemption, divine mercy and wisdom, Pessach.

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