#10 Mesilat Yeharim | The Trait of Spiritual Cleanliness - Vital Transformation

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#10 Mesilat Yeharim | The Trait of Spiritual Cleanliness

August 9, 2022

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Episode Description:

To follow along with this study, visit: https://www.sefaria.org/sheets/423227?lang=bi

In Chapter 10 of the Mesilat Yesharim series, we explore the virtue of spiritual cleanliness, a crucial trait for anyone on their journey of Jewish spiritual growth and self-improvement. This video delves into the concept of “Nikayon” (cleanliness or blamelessness), focusing on the importance of purifying oneself from sin—not just in actions but in thoughts and desires as well. It highlights the progression from previous virtues discussed, such as fear (Yirah) and zeal (Zrizut), to this more refined state of being free from even the subtle sins that one might rationalize or overlook.

Spiritual cleanliness goes beyond avoiding overt sins like theft or deceit; it encompasses the inner work required to cleanse oneself of hidden faults and wrongful desires. This trait is about achieving a level of purity where one’s vision becomes clear, and the lure of desires no longer leads to sinful paths. It’s emphasized that true cleanliness involves a comprehensive scrutiny of one’s actions and intentions, ensuring that they align with the divine will and the teachings of the Torah.

The distinction between being careful (Zehirut) and achieving cleanliness (Nikayon) is explored, illustrating that vigilance alone is not sufficient. While vigilance helps avoid known sins, cleanliness requires conquering the underlying desires and justifications that lead to sin. The video further elaborates on how habitual practice of fear and love towards the Creator extinguishes the fires of lust, leading to a state where one’s sole desire is for divine connection.

Through the analysis of Psalms and other scriptural references, the video underscores the significance of being spiritually clean to truly “behold” and serve God without shame. It presents the idea that those who achieve this level of purity are uniquely capable of facing the Divine without embarrassment over their sins.

Addressing the challenges of attaining spiritual cleanliness, the video acknowledges the difficulty of this task, given human nature’s inclination towards sin. However, it encourages viewers to strive for this virtue, especially in light of upcoming holy days such as Tisha B’Av and Rosh Hashanah, emphasizing the transformative potential of this period for personal growth and renewal.

This exploration of Nikayon not only adds depth to our understanding of Jewish spiritual practices but also offers practical guidance for those seeking to deepen their connection to their faith and improve themselves in alignment with Kabbalistic teachings and Jewish spirituality. The video serves as a reminder of the continuous effort required to maintain spiritual purity and the profound impact this trait can have on one’s relationship with God and their journey towards spiritual fulfillment.

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