Peticha LeChokhmat HaKabbalah | Class #1 - Vital Transformation

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Peticha LeChokhmat HaKabbalah | Class #1

February 7, 2023

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Dive into the mystical realms of Kabbalistic wisdom with Rabbi Eliyahu Jian as he embarks on a transformative journey through the teachings of the Ashlag’s “Peticha LeChokhmat HaKabbalah” in this enlightening first class. Discover the foundational principles that underpin the Kabbalistic understanding of desire, its role in our spiritual and material existence, and how it serves as a conduit for divine abundance.

Rabbi Jian masterfully elucidates the concept of desire as crafted by the Creator, emphasizing its significance as the vessel through which all pleasures intended by the Divine are received. He explores the intricate relationship between the desire to receive and the Creator’s intent to bestow, highlighting the perfect alignment necessary for the fulfillment of our deepest yearnings.

In this session, key insights include:

  • The origin of desire and its purpose in the thought of creation.
  • The duality of forces within the universe: the force to bestow versus the force to receive.
  • The concept of “Yesh Mi Yesh” (Something from Something) and “Yesh Mi Ayin” (Something from Nothing), and their implications for creation and our understanding of existence.
  • The importance of aligning our desires with the nourishment and pleasure intended by the Creator to unlock true fulfillment.

This video is an invitation to reflect on the nature of our desires, understand their divine origin, and learn how to harness them as a powerful tool for spiritual growth and fulfillment. Whether you are new to Kabbalistic teachings or seeking to deepen your existing knowledge, Rabbi Jian offers profound insights and practical guidance to inspire your spiritual journey.

Keywords: Rabbi Eliyahu Jian, Kabbalah, Peticha LeChokhmat HaKabbalah, spiritual growth, desire, divine abundance, Ashlag, Yesh Mi Yesh, Yesh Mi Ayin.

Tune in to begin unraveling the mysteries of Kabbalah and embark on a path to spiritual enlightenment and fulfillment through the power of desire.

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