Peticha LeChokmat HaKabbalah Class #8 | Chapters 19-21 - Vital Transformation

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Peticha LeChokmat HaKabbalah Class #8 | Chapters 19-21

June 7, 2023

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Dive deep into the esoteric teachings of Kabbalah with Rabbi Eliyahu Jian in the profound session titled “The Cosmic Collision of Light and Curtain in Kabbalah,” part of the captivating Peticha LeChokmat HaKabbalah series, now available on Vital Transformation’s YouTube channel. In Class #8, Rabbi Jian explores the intricate dynamics of desire (Kli) and light (Ohr), and their pivotal roles in the spiritual structure of creation as described in Kabbalistic thought.

This enlightening lecture delves into the foundational concept of the four phases of desire, culminating in the crucial fourth phase, which is identified as the true vessel (Kli) capable of receiving the endless light (Ohr Ein Sof). Rabbi Jian explains how the initial three phases serve as a preparatory process, setting the stage for the realization and fulfillment of the fourth phase’s capacity for reception.

Rabbi Jian intricately details the interaction between the light and the metaphorical curtain (Masach), which acts as a barrier preventing the direct reception of light. This cosmic “collision” between light and curtain triggers a process known as “returning light” (Ohr Hozer), fundamentally altering the way spiritual energies are received and manifested within the vessels.

The session also touches upon the concept of “Assurance” (Bitachon), indicating the roots of desire that predate the four phases, and how these elemental desires shape the very fabric of our spiritual being. Through Kabbalistic wisdom, Rabbi Jian illustrates how desires are not merely personal whims but are deeply connected to the divine will, guiding the flow of divine light into our lives.

Whether you are a seeker of spiritual wisdom, a student of Kabbalah, or someone curious about the mystical dimensions of creation, this video offers rich insights into how our desires shape our spiritual journey and our connection to the divine. Rabbi Jian’s teachings provide a unique perspective on understanding the mechanics of spiritual fulfillment and the role of human desire in the divine plan.

Keywords: Rabbi Eliyahu Jian, Peticha LeChokmat HaKabbalah, Kabbalistic teachings, spiritual growth, four phases of desire, cosmic collision, light and curtain, Ohr Ein Sof, returning light, divine will.

Watch now and embark on a journey of spiritual discovery, unlocking the hidden dimensions of desire and light in the framework of Kabbalistic teachings, and gain a deeper understanding of your place in the cosmos.

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