Rosh Hoshana | Class #5 - Vital Transformation

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Rosh Hoshana | Class #5

July 17, 2023

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Episode Description:

Discover the Profound Spiritual Essence of Rosh Hashanah and the Transformative Power of the Shofar

Join us as we delve into Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s enlightening class, shedding light on the Kabbalistic teachings surrounding Rosh Hashanah and the multifaceted significance of the Shofar’s sounds. This journey connects us to the divine, guiding us towards personal and collective redemption.

The Purpose of the Shofar: A Call Beyond Words

The Shofar’s unique sound transcends verbal communication, acting as a primal cry to the Divine. Rabbi Jian highlights its role in cutting through our consciousness to awaken a profound connection with our Creator.

The Kabbalistic Dimensions of the Shofar’s Sounds

Rabbi Jian provides a deep dive into the Shofar blasts—Tekiah, Shevarim, and Teruah—each representing different divine energies:

  • Tekiah: Symbolizes kindness and mercy, embodying the right column of the Tree of Life.
  • Shevarim: Reflects judgment and the need to break away from negative traits, associated with the left column.
  • Teruah: Facilitates harmony and unity, connected with the central column.

The Spiritual Work of Rosh Hashanah: Breaking and Unifying

Explore the concept of “Shvirat HaKelim” (the breaking of the vessels) and “Tzimtzum” (contraction), emphasizing the need to align more closely with the Divine will of giving and sharing.

The Year of “Pei-Dalet” and Its Significance

The year “Pei-Dalet” holds Kabbalistic importance, signaling an opportunity for profound spiritual correction. Rabbi Jian suggests engaging deeply with the study of Torah as a form of spiritual discipline.

The Universal Messages of the Shofar

The class reminds us of the Shofar’s call to rectify our actions in areas such as idolatry, adultery, and causing harm through our words or deeds. The importance of choosing spiritual leaders wisely is stressed, ensuring they embody the necessary understanding for true transformation.

Embracing the Spirit of Rosh Hashanah

Rabbi Eliyahu Jian invites us to approach Rosh Hashanah with deep awareness, reflecting, repenting, and renewing our commitment to spiritual elevation. This class is a journey into the heart of Jewish mysticism, offering insights that resonate with anyone seeking a deeper understanding of their relationship with the Divine.

Embark on this transformative journey and unlock the doors to a year filled with blessing, growth, and profound spiritual fulfillment.

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