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Setting Intention for Channeling Light During Channukah

November 18, 2021

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Episode Description:

Michael Jian and Michael Englander study together to illuminate a deeper understanding of Channukah through gematria (numerology), and how we can apply our intention to unite the male and female aspects of G*d within ourselves and throughout the world during this special time.


Immerse yourself in the spiritual depths of Chanukah with our enlightening video on setting intentions for channeling divine light through the Chanukah candles. This session delves into the rich Kabbalistic teachings surrounding the Hanukkah menorah, exploring the intricate meditations and intentions that elevate this beloved holiday to a powerful spiritual practice.

Discover the profound symbolism of the Chanukah candles, the placement of the menorah, and the deeper meaning behind the blessings recited during the lighting. Learn about the unique holiness of Chanukah days, the concept of Hod (Splendor), and how this holiday differs from regular weekdays and other festivals in terms of spiritual energy.

Key Highlights:

  • Guidance on the proper setup and lighting order of the Chanukah menorah, including insights into traditional practices and their spiritual significance.
  • An exploration of the three aspects of unity (Yichudim) represented by the numerical value of the candles (Ner) and how these reflect the unification of divine attributes.
  • The distinction between the holiness of regular weekdays and the exceptional holiness of Chanukah, focusing on the self-sustaining light (Ohr Pnimi) that characterizes the festival.
  • Detailed explanations of the meditations associated with the blessings of lighting the Chanukah candles, revealing the connections to various divine names and their Kabbalistic meanings.

Whether you’re new to the study of Kabbalah or seeking to deepen your understanding of Chanukah’s spiritual dimensions, this video offers valuable insights into setting powerful intentions for drawing light and blessings into your life and the world during this eight-day festival.

Keywords: Chanukah, Kabbalah, Menorah, Spiritual Practice, Hod, Divine Light, Blessings, Meditation, Unity, Yichudim, Ohr Pnimi.

Join us on a journey of spiritual discovery this Chanukah as we unlock the mysteries of divine light and intention, enhancing your celebration with profound Kabbalistic wisdom.

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