Shemot - Vital Transformation

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June 13, 2018

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Episode Description:

Embark on a transformative journey through the Book of Exodus as Debbie Jian delves into the profound teachings and spiritual insights found within the sacred text. In this captivating YouTube video, Debbie explores the timeless wisdom of Shemot, shedding light on its relevance to our modern lives.

Discover the hidden meanings behind the Exodus narrative as Debbie uncovers the deeper spiritual lessons embedded within each chapter. From the liberation of the Israelites to the revelation at Mount Sinai, journey alongside Debbie as she reveals the secrets of spiritual freedom and divine revelation.

Gain a deeper understanding of the significance of names and identity in the story of Exodus, and learn how these themes resonate with our own personal journeys of self-discovery and empowerment. Explore the transformative power of faith, courage, and resilience as Debbie shares insights from the teachings of Torah and Jewish spirituality.

Join us as we unravel the mysteries of Shemot and uncover the timeless truths that continue to inspire and uplift us today. Dive deeper into the teachings of Debbie Jian and Rabbi Eliyahu Jian at

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