Soul Evolution Class 2 – May 13 2019 - By Michelle Alfi - Vital Transformation

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Soul Evolution Class 2 – May 13 2019 – By Michelle Alfi

May 13, 2019

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Episode Description:

Welcome, everyone, to this cozy corner where we dive deep into the mysteries of the soul through the lens of reincarnation. Imagine gathering in a space filled with warmth and light, where each word and concept is like a bridge to understanding the soul’s journey through various lifetimes. Today, we’re exploring the layers and lessons of reincarnation, a topic that’s as intriguing as it is enlightening. We’ll chat about why we come back, how our actions shape our soul’s evolution, and the incredible concept of soul assistance, known as ebore. This class is a heart-to-heart, a soulful exploration that feels like unraveling the threads of our spiritual DNA, guided by insights that sparkle with the wisdom of the ages.

Key Points

  • Understanding Reincarnation: The journey begins with the why—why do we reincarnate? It’s all about giving our lives a direction, understanding our soul’s needs, and using this knowledge as a roadmap to better ourselves.
  • The Soul’s Five Levels: Focusing on the first three levels relevant to our earthly existence, we learn how cleansing each level can elevate our soul, bringing us closer to spiritual purity.
  • Spiritual Cleansing and Growth: The class sheds light on the importance of overcoming negative behaviors that hinder our spiritual progress, and how embracing pain can be a form of cleansing rather than punishment.
  • Types of Reincarnation: We delve into the reasons souls choose to return—rectifying past wrongs, completing missed positive actions, or volunteering to assist others on their spiritual journey.
  • Soul Assistance (Ebore): An enlightening discussion on how the soul of a righteous individual can join us to provide guidance and support in accomplishing spiritual tasks, enhancing our journey.
  • Reincarnation across Different Realms: The conversation ventures into the realms of reincarnation beyond the human experience, exploring the concept of coming back as minerals, vegetables, animals, or humans based on our actions and spiritual accomplishments.

Participant Takeaways

  • Tools for Life: Participants will leave with profound tools for self-improvement and spiritual growth, understanding how to navigate their soul’s journey with intention and clarity.
  • Insight into Spiritual Cleansing: Gaining insights into how to cleanse one’s soul through positive actions and understanding the role of pain as a spiritual cleanser.
  • Appreciation for Life’s Journey: A renewed sense of purpose and appreciation for life’s journey, recognizing the importance of every action and its impact on our soul’s evolution.
  • Connection with the Righteous Souls: An understanding of ebore, the soul assistance concept, encourages participants to invite the support of righteous souls into their lives for guidance and aid in overcoming personal challenges.
  • Awareness of Reincarnation’s Realms: An eye-opening perspective on how our choices determine our soul’s journey across various realms of existence, underscoring the importance of living a righteous life.
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