Ten Sefirot Class 76 - Vital Transformation

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Ten Sefirot Class 76

April 22, 2020

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Episode Description:

Welcome everyone! Today we’re diving deep into the profound mysteries of the Kabbalistic Sefirot through Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s engaging exploration of the word “Adam” and its essential implications within Kabbalah. In this session, we unpack the complex layers behind Adam Kadmon (Primordial Man) and how it represents the intricate blueprint of creation. This class is a fascinating journey into understanding how human existence and cosmic design intertwine in Kabbalistic thought.

Key Points

  • Adam Kadmon (Primordial Man): Introduced as a code word within Kabbalah, it symbolizes the first Universe or the first Sefirah, often referred to as “AK”. This represents the initial spiritual emanation from the Infinite Light (Ein Sof).
  • Five Worlds/Universes: Rabbi Jian discusses the structure of existence, segmented into five distinct spiritual ‘worlds’ or ‘universes’, with Adam Kadmon being the first.
  • Significance of the Name “Adam”: The Gematria (numerical value) of Adam (45) is crucial as it correlates with other Kabbalistic concepts, reflecting the attributes of mercy and the power to transmit spiritual sustenance from higher to lower realms.
  • The Transformative ‘Line’ after Tzimtzum: Post the cosmic contraction (Tzimtzum), the way divine light is received and channeled changes fundamentally, transitioning from a circular (Iggulim) to a more direct, linear form (Yosher), indicating a shift from potential to actualization in creation.
  • The Role of Humanity: Emphasizes the role of humans in the Kabbalistic framework as not just recipients but as conduits of divine influence, focusing on the idea of ‘giving’ as a central aspect of human purpose.

Participant Takeaways

  • Deepened Understanding of Cosmic Structure: Participants will gain insights into the foundational elements of Kabbalistic cosmology, enhancing their comprehension of how everything is interconnected from the spiritual roots to our tangible reality.
  • Personal Spiritual Reflection: This class encourages personal introspection on the role each individual plays in the grand design, promoting a sense of responsibility towards spiritual growth and influence.
  • Tools for Ongoing Study: Rabbi Jian provides tools and frameworks for further personal study and meditation on these concepts, helping participants continue their spiritual journey beyond the class.
  • Community and Support: Engaging with this class offers a sense of belonging to a community that shares a deep interest in spiritual development and Kabbalistic studies.
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