Ten Sefirot Class 28 - Vital Transformation

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Ten Sefirot Class 28

September 28, 2017

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Episode Description:

Hello everyone, and welcome to our enriching class on “Ten Sefirot and the DNA of the Soul,” inspired by Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s teachings! Today, we delve into the Kabbalistic understanding of the Sefirot and how they connect to our spiritual DNA. This session will provide valuable insights into why we naturally lean towards giving rather than receiving, and how our physical existence is structured to transform these impulses for spiritual growth. This class is perfect for anyone seeking deeper spiritual clarity and eager to engage with profound Kabbalistic concepts in a practical way.

Key Points:

  1. The Illusion of Desire to Receive: Contrary to what we might believe, the desire to receive is not ingrained in our spiritual DNA. This concept aligns with the idea that we are born from the Creator, who is inherently giving. Our deepest essence is thus predisposed to give rather than to receive.
  2. Transformation Through Physical Existence: Our physical world is designed as a platform for spiritual correction. Rabbi Jian emphasizes that spiritual practices like restricting indulgences (like cheesecake or superficial attractions) are not ends in themselves but tools for transforming our innate selfishness into altruism.
  3. The Role of Mitzvot and Torah Study: Engaging in mitzvot (commandments) and Torah study are presented not just as religious duties but as transformative exercises to shift our focus from self-serving to serving others, thereby aligning closer with divine will.
  4. Understanding Torah Beyond the Literal: The narratives of the Torah are covers for deeper, spiritual truths. Engaging with these stories as mere historical accounts can lead to misunderstanding their true purpose, which is to guide our transformation from selfish beings into giving ones.
  5. The Creator’s Intent and Our Purpose: Rabbi Jian points out that the Creator’s intent to share joy and goodness instills in us a corresponding desire to receive, not for selfish fulfillment but to complete the cycle of divine generosity.

Participant Takeaways:

  • Spiritual Self-Recognition: Participants will gain a clearer understanding of their true nature as beings inclined towards generosity, mirroring the divine quality of the Creator.
  • Practical Spiritual Tools: Learning the deeper meaning behind mitzvot and Torah study can transform these practices from religious obligations into profound acts of personal and spiritual development.
  • Deeper Connection to Torah: By viewing Torah stories as allegories filled with deeper spiritual lessons rather than literal historical accounts, participants can connect more meaningfully with their spiritual studies.
  • Empowerment in Spiritual Practices: Understanding that every act of receiving can be transformed into an act of giving provides a powerful framework for living a spiritually enriched life.
  • Enhanced Community and Personal Relationships: This class encourages viewing interactions as opportunities to give and share spiritually, enhancing both personal growth and community bonds.
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