Ten Sefirot Class 37 - Vital Transformation

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Ten Sefirot Class 37

April 17, 2018

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Episode Description:

Welcome everyone to today’s enlightening session on the profound wisdom found within the Ten Sefirot and their implications during Passover! Rabbi Isaac Luria’s teachings, explored through Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s engaging perspective, offer us a deep dive into spiritual transformations symbolized by Passover events and meditative practices. Get ready to explore the intricate connections between physical events and their spiritual counterparts as we navigate the mystical dimensions of Kabbalah.

Key Points

  1. Understanding Galut (Exile) and Reincarnation: The class starts by addressing the concept of exile (Galut), linking it to the cycles of reincarnation experienced by the souls from Adam through Noah, the Tower of Babel, and finally in Egypt, where purification processes occur.
  2. Spiritual Dimensions of Passover: Rabbi Jian discusses the symbolism of Israelites returning to a ‘baby state’, connecting this to the Kabbalistic sefirah of Bina (Understanding), which represents maternal protection but also a loss of free will. This relationship is explored through the spiritual energies of “ten types of energy” derived from Bina during the protective phase.
  3. The Role of Names and Meditation: The name Elohim and its variations play a crucial role in meditation practices during Passover. Different ways of writing and understanding Elohim influence the type of spiritual energy invoked, emphasizing the concept of ‘katnut’ (smallness) which is crucial during Passover.
  4. The Symbolic Importance of Matzah: Rabbi Jian delves into the deeper meanings behind eating matzah during Passover, relating it to receiving ‘light’ and ‘energy’ from higher spiritual realms, specifically from Bina. The numerical and symbolic interpretations of matzah reinforce its significance on this holy night.

Participant Takeaways

  • Spiritual Awareness and Growth: Participants will leave with a heightened sense of the spiritual dimensions that underpin the physical rituals of Passover. Understanding the connection between historical events and their mystical interpretations can enrich one’s spiritual practice and personal growth.
  • Practical Applications of Kabbalistic Concepts: By exploring the names of God and the significance of matzah, attendees can apply these concepts in their daily meditations and Passover observances, enhancing their spiritual experiences during this significant time.
  • Enhanced Appreciation for Kabbalistic Wisdom: This class offers a unique opportunity to appreciate the depth and complexity of Kabbalistic teachings as they apply to significant Jewish holidays, encouraging a deeper engagement with one’s faith and spiritual practices.
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