Ten Sefirot Class 42 - Vital Transformation

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Ten Sefirot Class 42

November 1, 2018

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Episode Description:

Welcome to our spiritual session on “Ten Sefirot Class 42” with Rabbi Eliyahu Jian! This YouTube presentation dives deep into the Kabbalistic concepts surrounding the nature of divine light, the process of receiving, and how it shapes our desires and life experiences. If you’re seeking to explore deeper spiritual truths and understand the dynamics of desire and fulfillment from a Kabbalistic perspective, this class offers profound insights and engaging discussions that will enlighten and challenge you.

Key Points

  1. Concept of Surrounding Light and Vessel: The session begins with an explanation of the surrounding light—light that has not yet been received by the vessel due to the vessel’s current incapacity to hold it. This represents potential energy or divine blessings not yet realized in our lives.
  2. Desire and Divine Will: Rabbi Jian emphasizes that our desires are often reflections of what the divine light intends to give us. He challenges the conventional perspective of desire, suggesting that the intensity and timing of our desires are guided by a higher force’s readiness to bestow these upon us.
  3. The Role of Tzimtzum (Contraction): The discussion highlights the concept of Tzimtzum—whereby the divine contracts itself, making space for creation to have its independent existence and desires. This contraction creates a dynamic where the divine light is always present, though not always accessible, mirroring challenges in our lives.
  4. Practical Applications and Personal Growth: Rabbi Jian applies these theological concepts to everyday scenarios, such as personal ambitions and the trials we face, encouraging a reflective and proactive approach to life’s struggles.
  5. The Nature of True Desire: The Rabbi explores the nature of ‘true desire’, linking it to the necessity of undergoing spiritual and personal challenges, which he metaphorically refers to as undergoing ‘procedures’ in life that test our commitment and readiness to receive divine blessings.

Participant Takeaways

  • Enhanced Understanding of Spiritual Principles: Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how Kabbalistic principles apply to everyday life, particularly the interplay between divine will and personal desire.
  • Reflection on Personal Desires: This class encourages a thoughtful examination of one’s own desires—whether they stem from true spiritual needs or surface-level wants—and how these desires align with divine generosity.
  • Resilience Through Challenges: Rabbi Jian’s teachings offer a framework for viewing life’s difficulties as necessary processes (procedures) that prepare us to receive and hold greater blessings.
  • Empowerment in Spiritual Practice: Learners are empowered to engage more deeply with their spiritual practice, understanding the significance of their desires and the spiritual dynamics that govern them.
  • Community and Discussion: Engaging with this video and its teachings in a group setting or online forum can enhance understanding through shared insights and support.
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