Ten Sefirot Class 70 - Vital Transformation

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Ten Sefirot Class 70

November 27, 2019

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Episode Description:

Hello, dear friends! Welcome back to another enlightening session where we dive deep into the mystical dimensions of Kabbalah, exploring the Ten Sefirot through the insightful teachings of Rabbi Eliyahu Jian. In this class, we delve into the profound concept of the “circular vessel” and its relationship with the “linear vessel,” unraveling the dynamics of receiving and transmitting spiritual light after a divine contraction known as Tzimtzum. This session is designed to illuminate the intricate pathways through which divine light travels and transforms within the framework of Kabbalistic metaphysics.

Key Points

  • Understanding Vessels and Light: The discussion centers on why the circular vessel (Igulim) does not receive light directly post-Tzimtzum, emphasizing the transformation of light through the linear vessel (Yosher), acting as a conduit.
  • Concept of Tzimtzum: Rabbi Jian elaborates on Tzimtzum, the contraction that introduces limitations within the divine flow, creating a space for creation where vessels can receive according to their capacity.
  • Masach (Screen): The role of the Masach or ‘screen’ is pivotal as it filters the light, allowing the circular vessels to receive in a controlled manner, which mirrors the concept of spiritual ‘restrictions’ that guide the flow of divine energy.
  • Spiritual Application and Insights: A significant focus is placed on the interaction between the giver and the receiver, symbolizing the balance and unity between them, where spiritual fulfillment aligns with the desires and capacities of both.

Participant Takeaways

In today’s session, participants are invited to reflect on the spiritual lessons of containment and flow, understanding how divine light adjusts to the capacity of spiritual vessels. The teaching encourages a deeper contemplation of one’s own spiritual receptivity and the limitations one might place on oneself or perceive in the spiritual journey. Rabbi Jian’s guidance offers a pathway to appreciate the necessary balance between receiving and giving, fostering a harmonious spiritual life. As we explore these Kabbalistic principles, each participant is encouraged to see the practical applications in everyday life, finding balance in their personal spiritual practices and relationships. This session promises to deepen your understanding and enhance your spiritual journey, leaving you with profound insights to carry forward.

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