Introduction to Tikkunei Zohar #11 - Vital Transformation

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Introduction to Tikkunei Zohar #11

July 8, 2019

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Episode Description:

Welcome to our explorative journey into Tikkunei Zohar #11! This class will delve into the profound spiritual depths of the Zohar, guided by the insights and teachings of Rabbi Eliyahu Jian. Together, we’ll uncover the mystical connections and divine structures hidden within the text, exploring how the study of Torah for its own sake (Lishma) intertwines with the divine aspects, shaping our understanding and spiritual practice.

Key Points

  1. Lishma Explained: The class begins by defining ‘Lishma’—studying Torah for its own sake—highlighting its significance in connecting the male and female aspects of the divine. This approach is contrasted with studying for self-benefit or ego, emphasizing the importance of pure intentions in spiritual study.
  2. Symbolism of Letters and Numbers: Rabbi Jian delves into the mystical meanings behind numbers and Hebrew letters, connecting them to the mitzvot (commandments) and the structure of the Torah. For example, the 248 and 365 negative mitzvot correlate with certain Hebrew letters, deepening our understanding of scriptural text through numerology.
  3. Spiritual Analogies: The class uses vivid analogies, such as grapes on a vine, to illustrate the interconnectedness of divine teachings within the Torah. These analogies help visualize complex Kabbalistic concepts, making them more accessible.
  4. Integration of Divine Aspects: Emphasizing the union of the male and female divine aspects (often represented as Adonai and HaShem), Rabbi Jian explains how proper Torah study facilitates this spiritual union, mirroring the holistic unity pursued in Kabbalistic practice.
  5. Application of Mitzvot: Discussion on how adhering to mitzvot, particularly respecting Shabbat, involves symbolic actions that reinforce spiritual principles and respect towards divine structures.

Participant Takeaways

  • Deepened Understanding of Torah Study: Participants will leave with a richer, more layered understanding of what it means to study Torah ‘for its own sake,’ appreciating the depth beyond the literal text.
  • Spiritual Tools and Techniques: By exploring the symbolism of letters and the spiritual significance of mitzvot, attendees will gain practical tools for enhancing their own spiritual practice.
  • Connection to Divine Unity: The insights into the integration of divine male and female aspects offer a pathway to experiencing deeper spiritual unity in one’s own religious practice.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Intuition: Through analogies and metaphysical interpretations, participants will develop a heightened intuition for recognizing deeper meanings in everyday religious observances.
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