Tikkunei Zohar #18 | Tikkun 5 - Vital Transformation

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Tikkunei Zohar #18 | Tikkun 5

June 7, 2020

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Episode Description:

Welcome, everyone! In today’s class, we’ll dive into Tikkunei Zohar #18, focusing on Tikkun 5. We’ll explore the profound mystical insights about the foundation stone, the interplay of angels, and the significance of time and Hebrew letters in Kabbalistic thought. Together, we will uncover the deeper meanings hidden within these ancient texts, enhancing our understanding of the spiritual dimensions of reality.

Key Points

  1. Foundation Stone: The stone rejected by many is the cornerstone of the Temple, symbolizing the foundational element in spiritual and physical realms.
  2. Kings and Angels: The Israelites are considered children of kings, and the archangels’ conversations are linked to different spiritual forces, including animal and fire energies.
  3. Concept of Time: Time in the spiritual world differs from earthly time, with Shabbat and holidays being measured by the lunar and solar calendars.
  4. Hebrew Letters and Torah Reading: The letters, crowns (tagin), melodies, and vowels in the Torah hold significant spiritual meanings, guiding proper Torah reading.
  5. Levels of Speech and Thought: Proper speech must be preceded by thought, and the spiritual process involves elevating words to higher realms.
  6. Crown of Torah: The Torah encompasses not just words but divine light and energy, connecting to the crown of priesthood, kingdom, and Torah itself.
  7. Elevation Through Prayer and Study: Shabbat prayers and midnight Torah study elevate spiritual energies, connecting male and female aspects in higher worlds.

Participant Takeaways

  1. Spiritual Foundation: Understand the importance of the foundation stone and its symbolic representation of resilience and divine selection.
  2. Angelic Interactions: Gain insight into how archangels and various spiritual forces interact and influence our world.
  3. Sacred Timekeeping: Appreciate the unique nature of time in Jewish tradition, and how it aligns with spiritual practices.
  4. Mystical Alphabet: Learn the profound significance of Hebrew letters, crowns, and melodies in reading the Torah.
  5. Mindful Speech: Recognize the importance of thoughtful speech and its spiritual impact.
  6. Divine Light in Torah: See the Torah as a conduit of divine light, connecting with higher realms through its crowns and letters.
  7. Enhanced Spiritual Practice: Elevate your spiritual practice through Shabbat prayers and midnight Torah study, fostering a deeper connection with the divine.

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