Tikkunei Zohar #33 | Tikkun 6-9 - Vital Transformation

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Tikkunei Zohar #33 | Tikkun 6-9

August 27, 2020

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Episode Description:

Join us for an inspiring journey through Tikkunei Zohar #33, Tikkun 6-9. This class delves into the profound teachings of hospitality, the significance of Shabbat, and the promise of redemption. Rabbi Eliyahu Jian leads us with heartfelt wisdom, emphasizing the spiritual practice of welcoming guests and the transformative power of Shabbat. Discover how these practices reflect our inner selves and prepare us for a divine connection.

Key Points

  1. Hospitality: True hospitality is about the host’s heart. Welcoming guests reflects our character and our connection to the divine.
  2. Charity and Kindness: Giving to those in need, regardless of their intentions, is a test of our generosity and compassion.
  3. Righteousness: A righteous person justifies everything that happens to them, accepting it as part of a divine plan.
  4. Shabbat: The light and energy of Shabbat are special, requiring preparation and respect to fully benefit from it.
  5. Redemption: The promise of redemption is tied to our actions and attitudes. The final Temple will be built by the Creator, symbolizing ultimate peace and divine presence.

Participant Takeaways

  • Deepening Compassion: Learn how to practice genuine hospitality and charity, enhancing your spiritual and personal growth.
  • Spiritual Resilience: Understand the importance of righteousness and how to maintain faith through challenges.
  • Enhanced Shabbat Experience: Gain insights into preparing for and honoring Shabbat, leading to a more fulfilling spiritual practice.
  • Hope and Redemption: Feel inspired by the promise of redemption and the divine connection that comes with righteous living and respecting sacred practices.

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