Tikkunei Zohar #73 | Tikkun 17 - Vital Transformation

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Tikkunei Zohar #73 | Tikkun 17

March 5, 2021

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Episode Description:

Hi everybody and welcome again! In this session, we dive into the Tikkunei Zohar #73, focusing on Tikkun 17. This mystical study takes us deep into the secrets of Genesis and the process of tithing. We’ll explore the profound meanings hidden in the Hebrew letters and how they shape our spiritual reality. Join us as we unravel the esoteric teachings of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai, Moses, and the angels, and discover how these insights can transform our spiritual practice and daily lives.

Key Points

  1. Genesis and Tithing:
    • The word “Bereshit” (Genesis) is the first word of the Torah and holds deep mystical significance.
    • Tithing (Ma’aser) represents spiritual refinement, removing the unneeded ‘chaff’ to reveal the holy grain.
  2. Curtain and Light:
    • The concept of a curtain (Masach) that blocks and refines divine light before it manifests in our world.
    • The curtain’s role is to allow only the refined light to reach us, ensuring spiritual growth and protection.
  3. Chaff and Wheat:
    • The chaff (Klipot) symbolizes the unnecessary coverings that must be removed to reveal holiness.
    • Tithing involves separating the holy wheat (grain) from the unholy chaff.
  4. Intercourse and Holiness:
    • The act of spiritual and physical intercourse must be performed with purity and holiness.
    • The drop (Zera) of light, symbolized by the letter Yud, must be clean and holy for spiritual creation.
  5. Hebrew Letters and Spiritual Connection:
    • Each Hebrew letter channels divine light, with specific roles in spiritual refinement.
    • The interplay of letters in words like “Chitah” (wheat) reveals deeper spiritual truths.
  6. Tithing as a Spiritual Practice:
    • Tithing is a process of connecting divine wisdom (left column) and mercy (right column).
    • The practice ensures a balance of spiritual energies and opens pathways for divine blessings.

Participant Takeaways

  • Deepened Understanding of Tithing: Participants will gain a profound understanding of the spiritual significance of tithing, not just as a physical act but as a deep spiritual cleansing.
  • Enhanced Spiritual Practices: The class will equip participants with the knowledge to refine their spiritual practices, ensuring they are aligned with the divine light and holiness.
  • Connection to Divine Wisdom: By understanding the mystical meanings of Hebrew letters and their role in spiritual refinement, participants will feel more connected to divine wisdom and guidance.
  • Practical Insights for Daily Life: The teachings offer practical insights that can be applied to daily life, enhancing personal and spiritual growth and fostering a deeper connection to the divine.

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