Tikkunei Zohar #75 | Tikkun 18 - Vital Transformation

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Tikkunei Zohar #75 | Tikkun 18

March 11, 2021

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Episode Description:

Welcome back, everyone! Today, we’re diving into Tikkunei Zohar #75, focusing on Tikkun 18. We’ll uncover the deep wisdom hidden in the sacred text and learn about the profound connection between prophecy, light, and divine wisdom. This session is about understanding how the eyes—both physical and spiritual—play a crucial role in receiving divine messages. Join us as we explore these mystical concepts and bring clarity to the ancient teachings, all while enjoying a warm and engaging discussion.

Key Points

  1. Prophecy and Vision: We explore how prophecy can occur when the eyes are closed (true dreams) and open (awake visions).
  2. Light of Wisdom and Mercy: Understanding the dynamics of light—how the Light of Wisdom is revealed and its connection to the Light of Mercy.
  3. Names of God: Discussing the significance of the names of God and their relation to light and prophecy.
  4. 248 Positive Commandments: The importance of the 248 commandments and their link to revealing divine wisdom.
  5. 365 Negative Commandments: These commandments prevent the premature revelation of the Light of Wisdom.
  6. Angels and Guardians: Learning about the roles of angels like Metatron in guarding the Light of Wisdom and Mercy.
  7. Symbolism in Prophecy: The meaning behind the four faces on the Throne of God—human, lion, bull, and eagle—and their connection to different soul roots.

Participant Takeaways

  1. Enhanced Spiritual Insight: Gain a deeper understanding of how prophecy works and the role of our spiritual vision.
  2. Practical Wisdom: Learn how to balance the Light of Wisdom and the Light of Mercy in daily life to enhance spiritual growth.
  3. Connection to Divine Names: Appreciate the profound meanings behind the names of God and how they guide our spiritual practices.
  4. Commandments as Guidance: See the 248 positive and 365 negative commandments not just as rules but as spiritual tools for navigating divine light.
  5. Role of Angels: Understand the protective roles angels play in our spiritual journey, ensuring that divine wisdom is revealed appropriately.
  6. Symbolic Understanding: Grasp the symbolic representations in prophecy and how they relate to our spiritual path and soul origins.

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