Tikkunei Zohar #77 | Tikkun 18 - Vital Transformation

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Tikkunei Zohar #77 | Tikkun 18

March 25, 2021

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Episode Description:

Welcome, my friends! In this session, we dive into the profound teachings of Tikkunei Zohar #77, focusing on Tikkun 18. Together, we’ll explore the mystical secrets of desire, light, and spiritual elevation. Join us as we journey through the intricate concepts of closing and opening the eyes, understanding the role of the eyelids, and how these symbolize our ability to receive divine wisdom. This class is about transforming our desires and learning how to balance receiving and sharing light, enabling us to connect more deeply with the divine.

Key Points

  1. Desire and Elevation: Understanding how to elevate our desires to a higher spiritual level, allowing them to be refined and fixed.
  2. Concept of Light: The metaphor of closing and opening the eyes represents the management of divine light, balancing its intensity.
  3. Eyebrows and Lips: Symbolic representation of different spiritual concepts—eyebrows as a guard and lips as the gate to righteousness.
  4. Vowels and Spiritual Significance: Exploration of vowels in Hebrew and their spiritual meanings, particularly how they affect our reception and sharing of light.
  5. Returning Light: The process of restricting and then allowing the light to flow, symbolized by different parts of the body and Hebrew letters.
  6. Gate of Righteousness: The significance of the gates mentioned by King David, relating to our spiritual journey and the balance needed to enter them.

Participant Takeaways

  1. Refined Desires: Learn how to elevate and refine your desires to align more closely with divine will.
  2. Spiritual Balance: Gain insights into balancing the reception and sharing of divine light in your life.
  3. Symbolic Understanding: Deepen your understanding of the symbolic meanings behind physical features and Hebrew letters.
  4. Enhanced Spiritual Practice: Incorporate the teachings of Tikkun 18 into your daily spiritual practices, enhancing your connection to the divine.
  5. Path to Righteousness: Discover the steps to entering the gate of righteousness through balanced spiritual efforts.
  6. Greater Awareness: Increase your awareness of how spiritual concepts manifest in both the physical and mystical realms, enriching your overall spiritual journey.

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