Tikkunei Zohar #81 | Tikkun 18 - Vital Transformation

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Tikkunei Zohar #81 | Tikkun 18

April 27, 2021

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Episode Description:

Shalom, friends! Join us for an enlightening session on Tikkunei Zohar #81, Tikkun 18. In this class, we dive deep into the mystical teachings of the Zohar, focusing on the significance of the “one with the leg” and the profound secrets of prayer. We explore the mystical chambers, angelic ministers, and the intricate structure of the 18 blessings. This session will enhance your understanding of how our prayers connect us to the Divine, emphasizing the transformative power of a righteous heart and intention.

Key Points

  1. Prophet and the Leg: Discussion on why the prophet is referred to as “one with the leg”, symbolizing the two legs knocking on the chamber doors of the divine.
  2. Chamber and Angels: Explanation of the chambers, their guardians, and the angelic ministers involved in the process of prayer.
  3. 18 Blessings: Insight into the 18 blessings and their connection to the spiritual and physical realms, including the role of the Queen (Shekhinah) and the Creator.
  4. Union of Male and Female Energies: Understanding the union between male and female energies through the righteous (Tzadik) and their importance in the spiritual practice.
  5. Music and Vowels: The significance of the nine vowels and nine music notes in Hebrew prayers, enhancing the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.
  6. Bowing and Blessings: The importance of bowing during prayer and its spiritual implications, aligning with the letters and the divine blessings.

Participant Takeaways

  • Enhanced Prayer Experience: Gain a deeper understanding of the structure and significance of the 18 blessings, enriching your prayer practice.
  • Connection with the Divine: Learn how to spiritually knock on the doors of the divine chambers and connect with angelic ministers.
  • Spiritual Alignment: Discover the importance of aligning male and female energies within yourself to create a harmonious spiritual practice.
  • Mystical Insights: Acquire mystical knowledge about the role of vowels and music notes in activating Hebrew letters and elevating your prayers.
  • Practical Application: Understand the practical steps and intentions required to bow correctly during prayers, ensuring your blessings are received.

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