Tikkunei Zohar #86 | Tikkun 18 - Vital Transformation

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Tikkunei Zohar #86 | Tikkun 18

June 3, 2021

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Episode Description:

Hello everyone and welcome! Today, we are diving into Tikkunei Zohar #86, specifically focusing on Tikkun 18, verse 75. In this session, we’ll explore the profound Kabbalistic insights about the Shabbat prayers and the spiritual significance behind them. We will unravel the mystical meanings of the different Shabbat prayers, their connection to the divine light, and the unique energies they invoke. This class will guide you in understanding the deep spiritual structures and how they align with our weekly Shabbat observance.

Key Points

  1. Three Primary Shabbat Prayers: The Tikkun mentions three main prayers on Shabbat – evening, morning, and afternoon. There’s a fourth one which is essential as well.
  2. “For Your Name”: Emphasis on the phrase “for your name” in the Friday night prayer and its Kabbalistic implications.
  3. Light of Wisdom and Mercy: The left side represents the light of wisdom, and the right side symbolizes the light of mercy.
  4. 32 Paths of Wisdom: The light of wisdom is revealed through the 32 paths, related to the heart and left column of light.
  5. Holiness and Levites: The holiness attributed to the Levites and its connection to the left column of wisdom.
  6. Spiritual Elevation: Each prayer on Shabbat corresponds to different levels of spiritual elevation, culminating in the unique connection on Shabbat morning.
  7. Additional Soul on Shabbat: The concept of receiving an additional soul on Shabbat, enhancing spiritual capacity.
  8. Unity of Male and Female: The unity achieved on Shabbat between male and female aspects, allowing a complete revelation of divine light.

Participant Takeaways

By participating in this class, you will gain a deeper understanding of:

  1. Enhanced Shabbat Experience: Insight into the specific prayers and their spiritual significance will enrich your Shabbat experience.
  2. Spiritual Growth: Knowledge of the light of wisdom and mercy will guide you in your spiritual journey, fostering personal growth.
  3. Mystical Connections: Understanding the connections between the Levites, the left column, and wisdom will open up new perspectives on holiness.
  4. Elevated Prayers: Learn how to elevate your prayers on Shabbat, aligning them with divine energies and enhancing your spiritual practice.
  5. Receiving Extra Soul: Appreciate the profound gift of the additional soul received on Shabbat and how to maintain it.
  6. Unity and Wholeness: Grasp the importance of unity between male and female aspects in achieving spiritual wholeness and divine connection.

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