Tu Bav - The Holiday of Love - July 2018 - Vital Transformation

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Tu Bav – The Holiday of Love – July 2018

July 30, 2018

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Episode Description:

Alright, friends, let’s gather ’round for a heartfelt journey into the essence of love, under the enchanting light of Tu B’Av, illuminated further by the mysterious glow of a Blood Moon. This class, inspired by a blend of celestial events and the profound wisdom shared by Rabbi Eliyahu Jian, will take us on a voyage through the layers of love, forgiveness, and the subtle dance between the universe and ourselves. Imagine sitting in a cozy room, filled with the warmth of shared stories and the gentle laughter that comes with realizing the simplicity yet complexity of love. We’re about to explore not just the love between people, but the love that swirls around us, within us, and the love we extend to the universe itself.

Key Points

  • The Phenomenon of the Blood Moon: We kick off with a fascinating tale of celestial wonders – a Blood Moon. This isn’t just an astronomical event; it’s a moment when the universe whispers secrets of transformation and change, urging us to reflect on our inner selves and our connections with others.
  • The Essence of Love and Astrology: Delving into the realms of love, we challenge the scare tactics of astrology, emphasizing instead its role as a mirror reflecting our own energies back at us. It’s a reminder that we’re participants in this cosmic dance, influencing and being influenced by the stars and planets in our quest for understanding and connection.
  • Forgiveness and Letting Go: Central to our exploration is the concept of forgiveness, both of others and of ourselves. It’s about releasing the burdens that tether us to past sorrows, allowing us to step freely into the light of love.
  • The Giving and Receiving of Love: We unravel the delicate balance between giving and receiving love, emphasizing that true love flourishes in the act of giving without the expectation of return. It’s a dance of energies, where even in receiving, we can give back by allowing others the joy of giving.
  • The Search for Soulmates: In a world obsessed with finding the “perfect” partner, we’re reminded that love is not about finding someone who completes us but about finding joy and fulfillment within ourselves. It’s from this place of self-love and acceptance that we can truly connect with others.

Participant Takeaways

  • A Deeper Connection with the Universe: Participants will leave with a renewed sense of their own place in the cosmos, feeling more attuned to the ebb and flow of universal energies and more confident in their ability to navigate the celestial influences in their lives.
  • Understanding the True Nature of Love: You’ll gain insights into the multifaceted nature of love, moving beyond the superficial to appreciate the deeper, more enduring aspects of love that bind us together.
  • Skills in Forgiveness and Letting Go: Through practical exercises and meditations, you’ll develop the ability to forgive and release, opening your heart to the flow of love and joy that awaits when we let go of past hurts.
  • The Joy of Giving: Discover the profound happiness that comes from giving love freely, without conditions or expectations, and how this can transform every relationship in your life.
  • Empowerment to Find True Connection: Armed with a deeper understanding of what it means to love and be loved, you’ll feel empowered to seek out connections that are rooted in authenticity, mutual respect, and genuine affection.

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