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Vaera | G*d speaks to people on the level where they are

December 28, 2021

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Episode Description:

Vaera opens with God reaffirming the covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and promising to deliver the Israelites from the oppression of Egypt. This portion includes the first seven of the ten plagues that strike Egypt. Through Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s teachings, we can explore how these divine acts and communications are not merely historical events but are symbolic of the inner spiritual journey each individual undergoes in the quest for freedom and self-realization.

Divine Communication on Our Level: One of the key lessons from Vaera is the manner in which God communicates with Moses and, by extension, with each of us. God reveals Himself to Moses in a way that Moses can comprehend, indicating that divine communication is tailored to the level of the receiver. Rabbi Jian emphasizes that this is a profound demonstration of the Creator’s compassion and understanding towards human limitations.

This principle teaches us that spiritual growth and guidance are accessible to everyone, regardless of where they stand on their spiritual journey. The Creator meets us where we are, offering insights and revelations that we are capable of understanding and integrating into our lives.

Liberation from Personal Egypt: The narrative of the Israelites’ enslavement and the subsequent plagues can be seen as a metaphor for the internal shackles that limit our spiritual freedom. Rabbi Jian interprets our personal Egypt as the negative consciousness and ego-driven constraints that keep us in a state of spiritual bondage. The plagues represent the disruptive yet necessary events that challenge these limitations, prompting us to seek liberation.

Rabbi Jian encourages us to recognize the areas in our lives where we are enslaved by our negative traits, fears, and doubts. The portion of Vaera inspires us to call upon the Creator for assistance in breaking down these barriers, enabling us to move towards a state of spiritual liberation and enlightenment.

The Journey Towards Liberation: The journey out of Egypt is not immediate; it is a process that involves both divine intervention and personal effort. This teaches us that liberation from our personal constraints is a gradual process that requires patience, faith, and active participation in our own spiritual growth.

Rabbi Jian points out that the plagues, while divine acts, also required the Israelites to take specific actions, such as marking their doorposts with lamb’s blood to avoid the final plague. This illustrates the partnership between human effort and divine assistance in the journey towards freedom and transformation.

Conclusion: The Torah portion of Vaera offers profound insights into the nature of divine communication and the process of personal and spiritual liberation. Through Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s teachings, we learn that the Creator speaks to us on our level, providing guidance and support tailored to our individual needs and capacities. Vaera challenges us to confront our personal Egypt, to recognize the constraints that hold us back, and to actively participate in our journey towards freedom and transformation.

As we reflect on the lessons of Vaera, let us embrace the opportunity to break free from our limitations, with the faith that the Creator is with us, guiding and supporting us at every step of our spiritual journey.

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