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Metzora | Speaking Bad About People and Leprosy

April 5, 2022

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The Spiritual Consequence of Negative Speech

Rabbi Jian emphasizes that speaking negatively about others is akin to denigrating the Creator Himself, as every human is created in the image of God (B’tselem Elokim). This perspective is rooted in the understanding that our speech has the power to influence the spiritual and material world. By engaging in slander or gossip, we not only harm others but also tarnish our own souls, distancing ourselves from the divine light.

The Kabbalistic View on Leprosy and Speech

The discussion extends into the Kabbalistic interpretation of leprosy (tzara’at) as a direct result of lashon hara (evil speech). Rabbi Jian draws upon the teachings from the Zohar to illustrate how tzara’at in biblical times served as a physical manifestation of spiritual impurity caused by negative speech. This condition compelled individuals to reflect on their actions and seek purification and redemption.

The Call for Positive Transformation

Rabbi Jian urges viewers to harness the upcoming Passover season as an opportunity for positive transformation. He draws a parallel between the meticulous verbal recounting of the Passover story (the Haggadah) and the imperative to purify our speech. Just as the Passover narrative is recited with care and intention, we too should be mindful of the words we speak year-round, aiming to use our speech as a tool for building rather than destroying.

A Universal Message for Spiritual Unity

An intriguing aspect of Rabbi Jian’s message is his call for unity and spiritual rebuilding, notably through the wish for the reconstruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. He highlights the Temple’s significance as a unifying force not just for Jews but for all humanity, serving as a conduit for divine presence and peace in the world. This vision extends beyond religious boundaries, advocating for a shared effort towards spiritual renewal and harmony.

Practical Steps Towards Improvement

Rabbi Jian doesn’t leave the audience without practical advice. He stresses the importance of character development, which involves learning to say no to negative impulses and fostering positive qualities such as kindness, generosity, and forgiveness. These virtues are essential for building a strong character and transforming one’s life and the lives of those around us.


This video serves as a powerful reminder of the impact our words and actions have on our spiritual well-being and on the world at large. Rabbi Eliyahu Jian’s insights from the Torah portion Metzora encourage viewers to practice mindfulness in speech, to cultivate love and unity among people, and to participate in the collective effort towards spiritual enlightenment and world peace. Through such teachings, Vital Transformation continues to offer valuable spiritual guidance that resonates with individuals seeking to enrich their lives and contribute positively to the world.

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