Portion of Behaalotcha June 10, 2020 - Vital Transformation

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Portion of Behaalotcha June 10, 2020

June 10, 2020

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Episode Description:

Join us for a profound exploration in our upcoming Kabbalah class, where Rabbi Eliyahu Jian delves into the theme of light, elevation, and confronting the self amidst life’s tumultuous waves. With the wisdom of the Torah portion “Behaalotcha” as our guide, this class promises an enriching journey through the soul’s landscape, inviting participants to elevate beyond their limitations. Set against the backdrop of current events that challenge our understanding of justice, unity, and personal accountability, Rabbi Jian’s teachings aim to illuminate the path to true spiritual ascent.

Key Points

  • Understanding Our Times: We’re living in a period marked by confusion, injustice, and a quest for fairness. The rabbi encourages participation in causes that promote positivity rather than oppose negativity, emphasizing constructive action over destruction.
  • The Concept of Elevation: Drawing from the Torah portion, the focus is on elevating ourselves, akin to lighting a candle, symbolizing the soul’s ascent. Rabbi Jian explores how personal elevation involves overcoming ego and selfishness, aiming for a higher connection with the Divine.
  • Unity and Diversity in Protest: Reflecting on recent protests and riots, the discussion underscores the need for unity across different communities in fighting against various forms of injustice, highlighting the importance of supporting each other’s struggles for equity.
  • The Power of the Candle: The analogy of the candle represents the human soul’s potential for light and elevation. Understanding the wax (body) and the wick (soul) reveals insights into our spiritual and physical journey.
  • Navigating Inner and Outer Challenges: Rabbi Jian addresses the challenges of aligning one’s actions and attributes (midot) with their spiritual goals. The class will explore how to reconcile external behaviors with internal virtues for holistic elevation.

Participant Takeaways

  • Elevating Personal Spirituality: Participants will learn strategies for transcending their ego and biases to reach a state of spiritual elevation, enhancing their connection to the Divine.
  • Embracing Unity and Action: By understanding the importance of unity in diversity, attendees will be motivated to support causes that bring about positive change, focusing on constructive rather than destructive actions.
  • Insights into the Soul’s Journey: The metaphor of the candle will offer attendees a deeper understanding of their spiritual path, encouraging them to light up their surroundings with positivity and hope.
  • Practical Tools for Self-Improvement: Through the teachings of the Torah portion and Rabbi Jian’s guidance, participants will gain practical tools for self-reflection, identifying areas for personal growth and how to overcome them.
  • A Community of Support: Engaging in this class offers a unique opportunity to join a community of like-minded individuals committed to spiritual growth, mutual support, and making a positive impact in the world.
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