Zohar Shoftim - Vital Transformation

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Zohar Shoftim

August 15, 2018

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Episode Description:

Welcome to a journey through the profound teachings found within the Zohar’s portion on Shoftim, masterfully explored and explained with that warm and inviting touch reminiscent of Rabbi Eliyahu Jian. In this class, we’ll delve into the mystical interpretations of judges and police in our lives, not just as external entities, but as internal guides and guardians over our five senses – the true gates to our soul. With stories that spark the light within and analogies that bring laughter and depth, we’re set to uncover how to better ourselves, embrace change, and understand the true essence of judgment, evolution, and our spiritual DNA.

Key Points

  • Judges and Police within Us: The Zohar teaches us that “judges and police” refer not only to societal roles but to the intellectual and physical guardians we must place at the entrances of our senses. These guardians help us discern and decide, guiding us towards positive evolution and self-improvement.
  • Evolution of the Human Spirit: Rabbi Jian highlights the unique human capacity for evolution, distinguishing us from all other creations. Through introspection and by changing our perspectives, we can evolve beyond our current states, reaching new heights of spiritual and personal growth.
  • The Gates of Perception: Our five senses are the gates through which we experience the world. To truly evolve and grow, we must learn to ‘re-judge’ or perceive our experiences anew, shedding past biases and opening ourselves up to the pure essence of each moment.
  • The Role of Divine Assistance: In our quest for self-control and improvement, Rabbi Jian emphasizes the indispensable role of Divine support alongside our efforts. It’s a dual journey of self-discipline and spiritual connection, aiming for a balance that elevates us beyond mere self-restraint.
  • The Power of Transformation: Through the mystical practice of Teshuva (repentance), we have the opportunity to erase past negativity and start afresh. This powerful process involves not only a personal commitment to change but also a reliance on Divine grace to truly transform.
  • Judgment vs. Observation: The class encourages us to distinguish between judging and observing, urging us to focus on facts and actions without attaching negative labels to individuals. This approach fosters compassion and understanding, aligning us closer to the Divine perspective.

Participant Takeaways

  • Empowerment Through Insight: Participants will leave feeling empowered to judge situations and actions rather than people, fostering a more compassionate and understanding approach to life.
  • Renewed Perspective on Evolution: Attendees will gain a renewed perspective on personal and spiritual evolution, recognizing the importance of constant growth and the potential for change within themselves.
  • A Call to Divine Connection: With a deeper understanding of the need for Divine support in our journey, participants will feel encouraged to seek a closer connection to the Divine, enhancing their spiritual practices and daily lives.
  • Practical Tools for Transformation: The class offers practical tools for transformation, including the practice of Teshuva and the mindful guarding of our senses, equipping attendees with strategies to initiate meaningful changes in their lives.
  • A Sense of Renewal: Participants will leave with a sense of renewal, inspired to re-evaluate their perceptions and experiences, ready to embrace the opportunities for growth and evolution presented in every moment.
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