Kabbalah Gym - Vital Transformation

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Kabbalah Gym

A blended course to enhance your physical and mental strength. This course will guide you in the best ways to build yourself personally through new thinking, new actions and spiritual growth.

Class Level: Intermediate

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Spiritual Transformation

About Class

Kabbalah Gym

“Kabbalah + Gym Class = “Kabbalah Gym.”

The word Kabbalah means to receive. We are a receiver.

Kabbalah Gym is a course that encourages daily growth and spiritual practice. Inspired by the concept of physically improving your body through working out, this class combines the study of Kabbalah with the physical well-being of the body. You will learn the essential tools for manifesting change in your life and learn how you can physically bring about this change to receive what you desire.

We take you step-by-step in understanding what Kabbalah is, how to use Kabbalah, and its foundation according to various Kabbalist.

You will be empowered to identify what you are receiving and declare when you will receive it.