Palm & Face Reading - Vital Transformation

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Palm & Face Reading

As a master in this ancient art, Eliyahu Jian will take you step by step, to learn and apply this method of deep understanding so you may manifest your desires.

Class Level: Advanced

Featured Class Episode:

Class 1 – Nails, Fingers and Palm

About Class

Palm & Face Reading

There is a reason for things that are unexplainable, having new desires, and our ‘gut feeling’. This course will help you interpret those questions, using the original language of the soul.

Many Kabbalists were known for their skill in discerning the inner reality of people and circumstances; using the secrets of this potent knowledge found in the sacred text of the Zohar.

Eliyahu Jian, a recognized master of this ancient art, will take you, step by step through this knowledge, to discover:

  • How to read people by looking at their face and palm, to understand the lifetimes they have lived.
  • The purpose of their current life.
  • How you may advance your goodness.
  • How to safeguard your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you.
  • How to navigate the world and people around you to manifest your desires.

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