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Power of Your Mind

About This Class

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Power of Your Mind

Vital Trasformation and The Laughing Billionaire

Guest : Eliyahu Jian

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Power of Your Mind

“We talked about:

Eliyahu’s book, The Laughing Billionaire–How to Become Rich and Happy – why he wrote it and who he wrote it for
What it is like being a spiritual and life coach to the stars and some of the wealthiest people in the world
In his decades of experience as a life coach and spiritual advisor, what he has discovered is the key to happiness
Which is more important: Happiness or wealth
What led him to this particular subject
How you should use his book
What Vital Transformation is – the organization and its purpose.
What Eliyahu thinks that most people – no matter what background, lifestyle, sex, race or differences – are seeking in common in life
What he is building with his personal brand and Vital Transformation”

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